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  1. Hi All,

    I searched but didn't really find this quesiton so here goes...

    I did a wedding last weekend. It was a unique venue and the B&G LOVED the pictures. I ran into the bride
    yesterday though and she said that some wedding crashers had attended. If it had just been some free
    beer and food, probably not a big deal, but there were several wedding cards with cash in them stolen and
    these dopes wrote obscenities in their album.

    I happened to have some pictures of the two lowlifes in question (pending confirmation with some other
    witnesses). So my question is: Have any of you ever been in this situation and given your photos to the
    authorities and did they investigate/prosecute the miscreants?

    I'm interested if the police found this to be a priority or just treated it like a prank.

    BTW the wedding images can be found here if you're interested:

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    I know of a local photog and video person this happened to a few years ago. Someone was having a wedding a local place that does a lot of weddings, and someone managed to get into the room where the reception was taking place and took ALL of the envelopes, not much cash, mostly checks, but still some cash.

    In a very fortunate chain of events, both the photo and video, unknowingly, caught the people on their respective mediums as background material. Upon hearing the situation, the both checked their materials and found video and photo evidence of what was going on and who they were. Both handed over copies of the material so the B/G were able to recover some of the stuff, but the druggy managed to cash some of the stuff and used it on crack.

    My suggestion, if the police or B/G ask for material, let them have it.
  3. I don't have much to comment on the situation, my best advice would be go with it if you get asked for the photos.

    Your photos are great though, I love the wide angle shots with the plane. One critique I do have though is that your sepia's are way too saturated. I prefer sepias to be a bit more subtle.
  4. Why wait to be asked?
  5. Regas, was the reception also on the base? I'd imagine that would narrow the search for police as they would know who was on base at the time. I would hope they wouldn't treat it like a prank. It's stealing.
  6. I wouldn't wait to be asked, I'd offer them to the couple right away and let them decide if they wanted to take it up with the authorities. Sadly, I doubt that the police will do much on the case if the couple presents it. I had a case full of gear stolen at a wedding reception at a local hotel and the thief was caught on the hotel security video. The police have neither the time or money to follow up on this level of crime.
  7. I realize in reading my question again that I might have given the impression I'm
    wondering whether to hand over the photos. That is not the case. Oh yeah, I'm ready
    willing and able to give them the photos. Absolutely. Eager to, in fact.

    I'm waiting only confirmation that those are the characters from the B/G and then they'll
    have them.

    My question was more looking for situations where photogs had done this and hopefully
    the police acted on it and caught the bad guys.

    Stefanie - Thanks for the feedback! I like the sepia a little less saturated as well for on-
    screen, but I have found that less-saturated sepias come out a little muddy in print. Also,
    because it was a 'vintage' wedding, I wanted a more authentic sepia feel.

    Lauren - The reception was on the base, but unfortunately it's a private base and museum
    now so there was no security. But there was a newspaper write-up on the wedding in a
    local small town and we figure the perps came from there, so they shouldn't be very hard
    to find.

  8. PS - I liked your sepia and the whole set of shots as well. neat wedding!
  9. I would turn 'em in, especially after reading Bob's response. Don't wait. Give the information out. No different if they stole the B&G's wedding envelopes of the photographer's photo equipment, lap top etc. Theft is theft.

    I have NO USE for drug addicts and everything they do (stealing, lying, cheating etc.) and I have no use for thieves, liars and cheats even without drugs involved.

    Send 'em all to the "gray bar hotel" and be sure to put 'em in a cell with a big, burly, lifer!
  10. In 2005, a pair of crashers assaulted a bride at a local hotel in Poughkeepsie, NY. The young men were guests at another wedding in the bldg. When they decided to try the hors devours at the cocktail hour next door, the bride confronted them, and asked who they were.

    For her curiosity, she was repeatedly punched in her head. She was not seriously injured, but the ensuing multi-wedding riot, caused several people to be hospitalized, and arrested, and closed down both weddings.
  11. Talk to a lawyer before you go anywhere near this. The police might very well want to seize your negatives or digital files as evidence and hold onto them until the trial, keeping you from being able to fulfill your contract with the bride and groom. The defense attorney would certainly subpoena your material. The photos would not be admissable in court (ok, I'm not an attorney, but I used to be a reporter and covered a lot of trials) unless you appear to testify to their authenticity, and you might sit there for days waiting to testify. Hate to be the naysayer, but no good deed goes unpunished.
  12. Steve, whilst amusing that sounds like a real trailer trash affair, sad but true!
  13. Interesting. I recently shot 400 digital photos for an attorney to document something that might be used as evidence and was told that I could not edit, rotate, colour correct,etc...and that I had to shoot, download, burn to disc and put in a sealed envelope. According to this particular attorney in this particular case he said that if I altered the photos in anyway from the way I shot them they would not be admisable as evidence in his particular situation. Therefore I agree with Craig and would say the say don't just turn them over. Of course I see why you want to and all the good reasons behind that but be careful.
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    Regas<br>This is unrelated to your topic...good advice on that has been given. Your images look nice, but you're way too cheap on your prints--- $2.50 for a 5x7"?? You're work is worth more. Best of luck!
  15. This happened to a couple at a very ritzy hotel in Houston. Someone took the basket from the reception hall and it was full of cash donations for their honeymoon. VERY SAD! They had no pictures of the person who did it so I would be thrilled to have evidence of the "crashers". I say do whatever you can to help this B&G. You will be their hero even if it means a bit of extra time from you.

    And I agree......... your pictures are BEAUTIFUL and $2.50 is waaaaay too little for a 5x7.


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