Cracks and Bridges (symbols)

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  1. cracks:

    The glacier knocks in the cupboard
    The desert sighs in the bed,
    And the crack in the tea-cup opens
    A lane to the land of the dead.

    W.H. Auden, "As I Walked Out One Evening"​

    A crack can be an opening into the world of imagination, like in Auden's poem, while the crack in the ordinary teacup makes it a leaky container, no longer safe. The original meaning of the word comes from the sound it makes, as if something is breaking.

    ... Cracks evoke dryness, like the barren earth ... , the dry lips of fever or a house no longer cared for.

    ... Leonard Cohen describes it in song: "There is a crack in everything / that is how the light gets in."

    ... like Auden's teacup, the crack in the door, neither inside nor outside, may open up to the liminal place where poetry is born.

    Between what I see and what I say,
    between what I say and what I keep silent,
    between what I keep silent and what I dream,
    between what I dream and what I forget:

    Octavio Paz​

    [all of the above is from The Book of Symbols: Reflections on Archetypal Images]



    Bridge is a structure and pathway, a linking of opposing sides of a landscape often separated by a void. The latter may take many forms: the depths of river, lake or waterfall; a chasm in the earth, the gap between two people, given differences in language, personality or goals; the mythologized breach between heaven and earth, conscious and unconscious, time and eternity. — The Book of Symbols; Reflections on Archetypal Images

    Two points stand out: the symbolism of passage, and the dangerous nature of this transition, which is that of any 'journey' of initiation.

    ... legends show the anxiety aroused by passage over a difficult and dangerous place and corroborate the general symbolism of bridges and their meaning in dreams. They are a danger to be overcome, but also a decision to be taken. Bridges set men and women on a narrow path in which they meet the unavoidable obligation to choose — and that choice is salvation or damnation. — The Penguin Dictionary of Symbols
  2. . bridge_both.jpg

    This is the bridge on my driveway. It's engineered to take anything that will fit on it. There are eight of those steel beams narrowly spaced under oak decking.

    But tell that to the skinny little FedEx driver in his minivan who refuses to cross it, leaving my packages in the middle of the road in the rain — just short of the bridge (which I can't see from my house). I guess he knows damnation when he's looking at it. (In fairness, more than one driver has refused to cross it.)
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    crack is also a synonym for smack.
  4. ... and for p()$$y. Do we want to go there?
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    why not. can't u find any quotes about pu$$y or smack.
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    is he frightened of you and if so, why? or is this about you and people like you who have their interactions with the world delivered by mail? people who can't buy things in shops, who can't interact with others, can't photo people but love photos of twigs?
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    Alright...somebody left the lid off of the TROLL jar and one of them got out!
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    this is the troll forum, BOZO. just ask Julie
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    Well Norman, I guess you got me!

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    ok, ray. what's your take on that. let me give u a clue, have u ever fcked a stranger?
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    What your clue tells me're not worth any more of my time.
  15. The truth behind Leonard Cohen's line is also found in Wabi-sabi and Kintsugi where the cracks and imperfections are filled up with gold to accentuate them as fingerprints of the object's history (kinda like a well used black paint Leica) rather than hiding them behind the repairs.


    The bridge as a symbol of life's journey. So what better place is there to put a cemetery than underneath a bridge...




    Maybe first work on your own interaction skills before questioning those of others!
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  16. I think they are Norman's desperate appeal to be ignored and forgotten. I would empathize and respect his wishes.
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  17. The more voices the better I'd say as long as they remain constructive. I think Julie's symbol threads are a great idea to get us into all kinds of stuff.
  18. By the way, I want to have a driveway like Julie's and would happily recover my mail in the rain for it (maybe the romanticism of that dwindles after doing it for the 100th time, but still...).
  19. Cracks to me are dents in something that is in equilibrium. They are also like networks connecting other domains. Disruption of stability (static state) can facilitate connection/exploration of other domains. A large crack is a fissure, but fissures and cracks IMO have different feelings. Fissures are like boundaries between domains. For a long time, I thought the cracks in Michelangelo's Creation of Adam are parts of the original picture. I think, those cracks that have appeared over time form an essential element of my appreciation of that work.

    Bridges can both connect and assure. I think, your (Julie's) bridge picture gives assurance, but the Fedex driver thought otherwise.

  20. Provided your mail is rain proof :)
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