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  1. I currently have an Alien Bee one light studio set up with a soft box, B800 I believe it is. I also would like to use an off camera flash with an umbrella. I have a Canon 430EXII flash. I'm trying to figure out what cowboy studio triggers to buy to make them both work at the same time or if I can even do that. Or does anyone have suggestions/advice for a better set up? Here is what I am looking at:
    Any information anyone can pass along would be really appreciated. I'm a little new to studio lighting and I am tripping over the wires in my current set up using the soft box with Alien bee only.
    Thank you!
  2. When looking at wireless triggers, you need at minimum, one transmitter and one receiver.
    Also, for greatest versatility, you may want/need receivers capable of mounting flash units directly to the wireless receiver via a hot shoe, and/or using a PC sync cord.
    I am not familiar with Canon flash units, but does your 430 EX II have a PC sync port (a round plug-in on the side)?
    If your flash doesn't have a PC port, then you will need at least one receiver with a built-in hot shoe for your Canon flash.
    Contact Cowboy Studios directly; ask them to put together a package with the receiver in the first link for your Canon flash unit (hot shoe capable), and a receiver from the second link (PC sync cord capable), for firing your A. Bee strobe.
    Some receivers are capable of both the shoe mount, and PC sync, in the same receiver.
    Only one transmitter is needed, just ensure all of your receivers are the same channels as your transmitter.
    Cowboy Studio has a large page on the *Bay. Check there, they may already have the package combo you need.
  3. For what it's worth: I use Buff's Cybersyncs for my flashes, but I'm completely satisfied with my Cowboy Studios wireless remote camera trigger. To synch my 430 EX I, I use a very well made hot shoe from Flash Zebra.
  4. Thank you guys so much. I really appreciate it!

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