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  1. Hi to all,

    Has anyone used or have any experience about using the company called "Couture
    Book" for their photobooks?

    Their website looks very good but it was the quality of the paper and printing
    that I wanted to know. I am after a photobook with a heavy feel for the paper -
    any ideas. (I am based in western Australia.)

    Thanking you all in advance.

  2. Quality looks good on the website, but pricing seems extremely high. Compared to
  3. Hi Guys,

    The Couture Book is actually pretty different from the Blurb books and all of the other consumer books out there.

    While Blurb makes a great book, their focus is more at producing mass-market, inexpensive, simple books for the general consumer.

    Couture Book on the other hand is focused at producing unique, high end, professionally printed and hand bound books specifically for the professional photographer market.

    All of our books are all printed on heavy stock papers (different paper types available depending on the binding), and we have a much wider range of books and binding styles available.

    Another big difference between Couture Book and many of the consumer books is in the binding itself. Most consumer books are bound using a glue in process called Perfect binding, where the pages are just glued into the binding like the binding on a magazine. On a CoutureBook all of the pages are actually sewn into the binding. While this is a more expensive process, it creates a more durable book than glue alone, and more importantly allows the pages to lay flat giving your customers a full view of your images and layouts (especially important if you have a layout that spans both pages).

    Also, the base cost for all of our books include up to the first 100 pages, as well as all of the options (hand torn edges, vellum inserts, etc)..

    Hope that helps, and if you do have any other questions on the Couture Book offerings, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email

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  4. Hello All,

    I am familiar with most of the photo book printers in the US that are using Indigo digital presses. If you are looking for high end books with better paper Couture Book is very good. A & I Photo and Digital Services does a great job also (California). There are many others doing the highest quality work here in the US. Give these a try, I don't think you will be disappointed.


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