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  1. Creating a moment....

  2. Creating a union....

  3. Last Weekend's Turkish Festival, Monterey
  4. At the airport .. yesterday. A bit out of focus but... DSC_5759 pse_4921DSC_5759 pse.JPG
  5. Sandy, looks like you made a bit of a horse's ass of that photo…<------ joke, play on words, etc
  6. attacked by surprise
    0076aa Pareja Amor Beso-W-Nikkor-C35.jpg W-Nikkor.C 35 on Fuji X-E2
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  8. couples.jpg
    For my money, he's facing the wrong way!
    Many years ago in London's Kensington Gardens.
  9. She looks very interested in the "troubadour" :D
  10. Hey Peter! Mission St. in San Francisco? Kind of a guess...
  11. Would have been easy to crop out, deliberately left -- think of it as an editorial comment!
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  12. [​IMG]
    The Conversation At Table 28​
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  13. on the lake
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