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Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by erik_wang, Mar 31, 2004.

  1. I have a series of questions because I'm taking a plane trip to the
    west coast for a wedding where I'll be taking pictures of the wedding.

    1. I will be using Drebel with lexar 512mb 40X CF which can store
    about 270 large JPEG files (which I'll be using), I need to get more
    storage, another CF, looking for 1gig card, but what exactly is the
    difference between the cheaper verison like the 24X compared to 40X?
    I know it's speed, but will it effect me taking wedding pics if I get
    the cheaper version? also, I saw a recent post for a link where a 1
    gig Lexar 40X for 200.00 after rebate, but can't seem to find it,

    2. I will be flying, and I will be taking my Trekker backpack with
    me, which lens should I take:
    a. 70-200 L IS 2.8
    b. 200 L 2.8
    c. 28-85 f3.5-5.5
    d. 50 MKI
    e. Tonkia 28-70 ATX-Pro II 2.8 (just purchased used, which I need
    info on)
    f. 100 Macro
    and a 420EX flash. I know I can't take all of them with two kids,
    please advice.

    3. Is there any concern taking all the equipment through the airport
    check points?

    4. Is will be my first shot at taking wedding pics, any advice?

    Thank you all in advance.
  2. 1) My preference is for smaller capacity cards, and more of them. I'd rather have four 256MB cards than one 1GB card: lower cost, less risk of losing all images to single card failure/damage, still plenty of capacity per card.

    2) If it were me, I'd prefer to have two bodies, one with a telephoto zoom (i.e. 70-200) and a second with a standard zoom (24-70) or -- given the DRebel / 10D 1.6x crop -- even a wide-angle zoom (16-35, 17-40), to eliminate the need to constantly change lenses. For staged shots / portraits, I'd switch to a good prime (50, 85, 100, whatever); maybe a different focal length prime on each body, with each camera set up on its own tripod and strategically positioned.

    3) My last commerical flight was earlier this month; one body, 5 lenses, one flash in a Mini Trekker backpack; no problems at all.

    4) Lots of similar questions very well answered in this forum; recommend you do a search. Also, the usual and very-well qualified (seriously) wedding photographers who hang out here will probably chime in with their excellent advice, anyway.

    Good luck!
  3. Not the words you want to hear, but you should consider 'adding $$$$s' to the couple's wedding budget so they can hire a photographer that knows what shots to shoot at the wedding. It would make a fine wedding gift.

    Yes, you should go and have a very good time taking informal shots of the wedding (doing your best to not parrot the hired photographer) and you will have many excellent shots to share with the couple after the honeymoon.

    If you keep you eyes open, watch the hired photographer. Take three lenses with you, and you can see which might be best to use in the future -- if you pursue the wedding photography business.
  4. Well, since nobody answered your question, I'll throw you my opinion on what you asked for. You wanted to know what to take with you as to what lenses you already have, if I'm correct. I would recommend you take the Tokina 28-70 ATX Pro II 2.8 as that will cover alot of focal lengths to cover the photos that are REQUIRED. In addition, since you don't have any idea about the size of the church (or whereever the wedding is being held) I would say bring the 70-200 L IS2.8 to cover any shots from a long distance. While primes are usually sharper, you need to be able to work more quickly, since, as you say, this is your first wedding. This is what I would call the most practical advice for YOU in this scenario. If you were going to go pro after this I would reccomend using the primes for formal work.
  5. thanks everyone for your humble advice, now you're making me nervous.
  6. Yes. Time to panic.

    I would go with the pro - and shoot what you want and enjoy the wedding.

    Don't worry about the airport. . just make sure the camera is charged (in case they want you to power it up). DO NOT put expensive camera stuff in checked bags.

    Frankly, I can't get excited about image cards. The limits in most case is the camera. I would also go with multiple cards as opposed to one big card.

    As for lenses, YES OF COURSE TAKE THE FLASH. Bounce flash is critical for the reception.

    Typically you can't use flash in a church. That means good tripod, and fast lens. This is where the big bucks for that big white lens comes into play.

    Frankly, I would seriously consider shooting RAW and learning post processing.

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