Couple Front Yard Test Shots

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by sg_adams, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. Pacemaker Crown Graphic 45:
    The two shots below were test shots I made using one of my Crown Graphic 4x5's. And while I wanted to try some Fuji Neopan SS film as a cheap shoot around film for 35mm, it would be far too simple to load it in a K-1000 and take a walk. Nope, I hauled my 4x5 rig all the way out in the front yard, loaded the film in my pain in the ass 35mm roll film back, with its own not so easy to use focussing screen, a 203mm Ektar lens, and proceeded to try and shoot something small and close requiring testing the limits of my ability and the available movements on the Crown. However, I had absolutely no lack of lens coverage for once !
  2. Yup, you read right, 35mm roll back. Worked pretty good too. It's a sliding contraption where you unlock it and slide the little viewing/focussing GG over the film plane, and then when set up, back to expose film.
    And while it's fun to shoot around with quirky stuff, there's nothing like composing an image on a full 4x5 screen. But even then I seem to have to complicate things. So for the deep red rose below I brought it out with a red 25, and then tried one of my diffusers to soften it and flare it a bit.
  3. I like the results. This is the first time I have looked at this image. I got in pretty close with a 162mm Wollensak Raptar lens so I could blow out the background.
    Below I went in the opposite direction (I may have posted before so sorry if it's repetitive but it is a new scan).
    For this I put a 135mm Xenar 4x5 lens on the front of one of my Crown 23's and was trying a little selective focus in deep shade and going for the soft texture on the pedals and just overcooked the highlights slightly. Still I like the results. I just wish the bugs hadn't chewed the edges of the daffodil so much. Seems the bugs get to 'em before I can. Nice lens.
  4. Stunning! Great job, I need to get one of those Crown Graphics !
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  5. Very good job SG Adams: I love the rose treatment but just it the person behind the camera who makes or breaks a PhotoGraph :
  6. Nice.
    I took literally thousands of Polaroid Type 52 4x5" closeups on a copy stand and later the same film for field use as well. Love the Graphics. If they still made Type 52, I'd be shooting it still.
    I think, although I haven't actually got it yet, that I may have finally got a lens, even with a shutter, that will let me resurrect my old 5x7 portrait camera, so I may be joining in the LF area--been thinking about doing paper negatives à la Talbot.
  7. Fine technique SG , it's great to see results from a craftsman at work. I just hope we can preserve all this true photography for a generation who never get their eyes away from the confirmation lights in the squitty little viewfinder. I particularly like the rose...
  8. That wrecker has seen better days. I wonder if it could still hook up with a pretty little Corvette? I like the daffodil best. The whites aren't too overdone on my monitor. The out of focus areas (not mentioning the "b" word here) are pleasantly smooth. Those lenses have a lot of character in them.
  9. The flower shots were awesome.
  10. SG, you cracked me up with your description of how you complicated the situation.
    The only thing I might have added would be a couple of right-angle finders -- one on the back for added "convenience" in viewing, and one on the lens so that no one would know where you were really aiming your camera! Pack all that onto one of those big tripods with wheels, to roll around on the front lawn, and you've got it made!
    But I stopped laughing when I saw the quality of the photos. And they are as we've all come to expect from you -- just terrific.

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