Cosina 24mm Question

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by tony b, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. Hello, While working on a house I came across several lenses still
    in the box. They are labeled Cosina 24mm F2.8 MC Macro. The box also
    has a stick on label that says "PS", and the cover on the lens that
    mates to camera also has this "PS" printed on it. I am trying to
    determine what camera this lens would work with, and if it is even
    still something anyone would use. My partner had dumped them in the
    trash, but I am one who hates to see something usable get tossed.
    I'd appreciate any insight or information. There were many other
    items, including several 500mm lenses, also in the boxes, but these
    boxes had no well as cases and cases of small lenses
    that have "8mm f1.6 ITV LENS" printed right on the small lens body.

    Any insight is appreciated!

    Thanks, Tony
  2. "PS"==Pentax Screw==M42? Just a guess. Does the lens mount look like a screw mount?
  3. It does have a threaded end where it would mate to camera. There is also a small silber pin that appears to push in when pushed up against camera body. Thanks for your reply.
  4. The "8mm f1.6 ITV LENS" is most likely a C-mount lens, useable only on movie and CCTV (closed circut TV) cameras. For the other lenses, if the end is threaded and has a pin at the end, then they are definitly Pentax M42 screw mount lenses.

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