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  1. 01 - Korsika 1200.jpg

    Gulf of Porto (Corsica)​
  2. Very nice. Did you take the train between Bastia and Ajaccio? I did years ago but, alas, no photos.
  3. On this visit we were travelling by car.A few years earlier, I took the old railway from Calvi to the island's secret capital Corte. A wonderfully old route!

    And thank you for the kind words.

    Best regards, Uli
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  4. I went through Corte but never got off. Do you have any other photos of Corsica?
  5. 03 - Korsika 1200.jpg

    The storm is leaving - Near Porto (Corsica)
    Best regards, Uli
  6. 01 - Corte Wanderung 1200.jpg

    Best regards, Uli
  7. 01 - Zitadelle Corte 1200.jpg


    Best regards, Uli
  8. Excellent. I’d forgotten I’d been to Corsica until you started this thread. TVM
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  9. [​IMG]

    Place Gaffori in Corte​

    Place of Jean-Pierre Gaffori with his birthplace (1704) covered with bullet holes in the centre of Corte. In 1745, Corsicans led by Gaffori drove the occupiers out of the town and he was called "Protector of the Nation".

    Best regards, Uli
  10. [​IMG]

    Best Regards, Uli
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  11. 01 - Landschaft um Calvi he 1200.jpg
    Mountain village near Calvi​

    Best regards, Uli
  12. [​IMG]


    Best regards, UIi
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