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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by paul_clayton, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. have tken a few digital photos on a Canon A400 point and shoot
    compact. Some of the files are turnign out like the attached. That
    is they are becoming corrupt. Whats happening? anyone encountered
    this before?

  2. I dont know anything about the camera specifically, but you should try a new card... if you are having problems I recommend sandisk.
  3. Hmmm, I kinda like your special effect :)

    But serius, try with annother card to see if its the fault of the card or camera. Then I would format the card in camera and try again. But youre problably asking how you could recover the pictures from this effect? Dont know, somebody else may chime in.

    Good luck, Michel
  4. Thanks for your replys. Just to clarify, the images were not like this straight off the camera. They have 'become' like this over the space of a year whilst sitting on my hard drive. I have quite a few images that are corrupted in this manner, even some which have been taken with a canon 300D. Again, becoming corrupted over time.
  5. I have seen this sort of corruption on a flash card but not from a hard drive (I assume that's where your images are stored). Not much hope I'm afraid, only if the corruption is limited can you 'recreate' a presentable image again, and that's using Photoshop or the like. It is quite complex, but I did it a couple of times from a corrupt CF card. You will just have to use your back up images! ooops.

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