Corroded M9 and Upgrade options - any experience?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by bms, Sep 11, 2017.

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    I'll fess up first - I have not posted here in years. Got busy with family and just found my way back of taking anything but baby pictures.... :)

    Also the website has changed, and either its the PC I am on or the search function is somewhat screwy, so I'll apologize for any redundancy.

    Taking some small aperture pictures with my trusted M9, unfortunately I did notice some corrosion (why would I be spared?) and it seems I got it in for replacement just before the deadline (BTW, wait now is 20 weeks....). That being said, I had considered selling the M9, while keeping my old M6 in the past, never being 100% happy with the digital M experience. Now there is the option of 'upgrading' to an SL... reading online opinions vary from it being the best things since sliced bread to obsolete paperweight. Benefit to me would be to keep using my M glass, unloading maybe my Nikon SLR and Olympus system (yes, I had Gear Acquisition Syndrome at some point, but got rid of most of my Nikon glass) , being able to use all sorts of lenses, incl. some R, and if I ever win the lottery to have a pristine set of native SL AF-lenses. The trade in equates to almost $3,000 in trade in value, which seems more than I would get on the e-marketplace, and much less hassle. I tried out an SL in a Leica store before, the EVF is great, the weight not too bad in my hands, though I did not have much time with it.

    Has anyone gone that route, or have first hand experience with both systems? Or just tell me that I am nuts...
  2. I didn't do the trade-in route but bought an SL. I have lots of Leica M glass and I am very happy with the SL and the M lenses work very well with it.
  3. I have both cameras and like them both a lot . I had the sensor replaced at the beginning of this year for free while Leica were doing other work to it. The SL works in low light in which circumstances the M9 struggles. I think the SL really comes into its own with the 24-90. They're a match made in heaven, or maybe Wetzlar. But the M9 does give you that rangefinder experience - nothing like it!
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    Tom, still have my M6, won't give that away (though its lacking instant gratification) :)
  5. Had the sensors replaced on my two M9-P and my Monochrom; new firmware is also installed.
    No other problems before or after the replacement.

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