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  1. I'm after correction eye pieces for an F/F3HP and FE. I'm farsighted and my prescription is +1. I've read in previous posts that the finder, minus eyepiece, has a diopter value of -1. So with this in mind I should need a +2 diopter, I think . However I've just had an email back from Nikon Europe telling me that I would need a diopter of +1 as the number on the diopters refers to the prescription. I'm now a bit confused. Can anybody clear up my confusion.
    Thanks Geoff
  2. Nikon is right; there is no confusion.
  3. Howard thanks, but if that's the case why would a '0' Diopter correction eye piece be available for the FE?
  4. Nikon has published a number of tables explaining this. An example is at:
    or for the entire system:
    The most important thing, and where some confusion comes from, is the one-meter distance for the prescription. Read these instructions carefully (particularly the second one) and you will see the answer to your question.
  5. The value on the correction eyepiece is the *combined* diopter of the correction lens plus the native viewfinder diopter value of -1m. That's why you can buy a 0 correction lens, but no -1 correction lens (they are available in -5, -4, -3, -2, 0, +0.5, +1, +2 and +3). The missing "-1 correction lens" is actually the flat glass standard eyepiece (no corrective value).
    So a +1 Nikon correction lens is actually a native +2 diopters (+2-1=+1).
    Not sure if that clears up the confusion. :)
  6. Curt,Michael, thanks for your responses. So I need a +1 diopter. I think!
  7. Geoff; if your eyes naturally focus at objects 1 meter away; then you require no extra special eyepiece.
    Is your " +1 prescription " to see distance; ie driving; ie the moon?

    If so that means you use a +1 eyeglass prescription to see infinity; and a +2 eyeglass prescription to see objects at 1 meter. ( or a Nikon +1 eyepiece ).

    If you go to a drugstore and pickup a cheap +2 reading (closeup) set of glasses for 5 to 10 bucks; you can place them on and see if the screen looks sharp.
  8. Kelly, my prescription is for farsighted, ie closeup. (Their terminology isn't very logical!) Reading and up to around a meter. Infinity, they're fine. So a +1? Not sure if Nikon still stock these for the F's and I haven't seen any on eBay either.
  9. My reading glasses prescription is +2, but a +1 diopter is still adequate on the F and F3, so you should be fine with +1 for a long while.
  10. Matthew, that's good to know as they aren't as good as they were at the last test!
  11. After informing me yesterday that I need a +1 and after buying two!. I've just had this email from Nikon Europe:
    The information I supplied yesterday from the F3 manual is out of date this information and products have since been updated. Although recommended to always try these items where possible the diopter most suited to your prescription would be 0.
    They can't tell me if I need a +1 or 0 for the F and FE. Great! Still confused!
  12. Greoff;

    Eyeglass Prescriptions are typically written for distance (infinity) and for close; ie reading distances; maybe say 1/3 meter. One can have farsighted correction glasses or nearsighted correction glasses for distance (infinity) or reading say 1/3 meter.

    I am still confused about your prescription. there is a DIFFERENT prescription for each distance.

    ******If *your vision* is fine for objects 1 meter away; then you do NOT need any Nikon correction eyepieces; since the aerial image of the screen is already at 1 meter.

    Since your vision is fine for stuff at 1 meter; you need no extra (special) eyepiece lenses.
    Please confirm this.
  13. Kelly. As I said, my vision for closeup is +1, its fine for distance. Hence the need for a correction lens. The confusion, which even Nikon can't seem to clear up is wether given my +1 close up (farsighted) prescription I need a 0 or +1 diopter in an slr. Surely it can't be that difficult.
  14. Geoff;
    the screen's image; the leds' shutter speeds; etc on the better Nikons are made to appear as if they are 1 meter away; when on looks through the eyepiece.

    ****If your eyes are OK without glasses for infinity stuff;
    BUT are abit blurry for 1 meter; then your fix/prescription ( for 1 meter away objects ) is a +1 reading glasses.
    *****This would be a "0" Nikon eyepiece lens; which is labeled; bought as a Nikon "0" correction eyepiece.

    To a non-camera knowledgeable:) eyepiece fitter; the Nikon "0" lens is really a +1 diopter lens; this added with the -1 of the camera makes a 0 system; ie the screen now appears to be at infinity; (where YOU need no glasses!)
    ****As a simple test; take a +1 dime store reading glasses and see if the screen is sharp in the slr.

    A +1 lens has a focal length of 1 meter; it forms a real image; one can burn bugs with it.
  15. I think the non camera knowledgeable eyepiece fitter would be Nikon Europe in this instance!!!! I dont need to go down to 'the dime store' as I'm wearing a pair and staring at monitor which is lovely and sharp, but it won't be through the slr when the 2 +1 diopters I bought yesterday on Nikons advice turn up!
  16. Hi Goeff; one confusion is that at least here in the USA optical/eyeglass fitters typically only do 2 checks; ie Far (about say 10 meters infinity) for distance; CLOSE (say 1/3 meter for reading.) It works for young to middle age eyes where ones eyes lenses still autofocus.

    With an 8 year old the eyes diopter range might be huge; say 12 to 14 diopters. By age of 80 it is about zero! Thus with an old person neither a driving or reading prescription is OK for figuring a Nikon eyepiece lens; ie one needs to test what lens is required to get things in focus at 1 meter.

    Back in the day say at Franks Camera in Highland Village in the Los Angeles area they had all the Nikon corrective lenses; PLUS the had ALL the Nikon F/F2 screens too. Nikon had this Nikon dealer gizmo that was a selector gizmo. One gizmo had a rotating with ALL the corrective lenses; another gizmo moved the screens in place; they were vertically on a selector.

    On some off brand and poorer lower quality slr models; the apparent distance to the screen is sometimes not 1 meter; AND to add insult the shutter; fstop and LED stuff is at different OTHER distances too. This causes eyestrain and makes sometimes the screen sharp; and the other stuff abit off; or vice versa.
  17. Hi, I am very confused about this subject. I am farsighted and have a prescription of +2. Hence, I ordered SIX eyepiece correction lenses
    +2 for the various cameras I have, Nikon, Mamiya, Leica and Fuji SW series.... Fact is, that I don't see anything, ie it is more unfocused
    than without correction lens. I am getting crazy and ask you for advice. Have I done something wrong?
    Thanks a lot and best regards from Switzerland


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