Copex / Fuji microfilm single roll sales

Discussion in 'Minox' started by bill_bowes, May 18, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone. I just found a company that will sell single rolls of Fuji HR
    (16mm) and Copex HDU Pan (16 and 35mm) microfilm's that can be slit for our
    Minox and Minolta cameras. The company is Taylor-Merchant Corp. of N.Y. You
    can see their website at for selection and order
    thru an 800 number. Ask for Marc or Glen...great guys to help you purchase
    what you need! Enjoy, Bill
  2. Thanks Bill

    Great info! Which of the two options would you recommend?

    I've read that microfilm has a much higher contrast than normal pictorial film and has to be coupled with a low contrast developer.

    Any advice on what developer would go well with these?

    I might buy a roll and try it.

  3. Gustavo, you can try SPUR developer available from or<P>

    Or you can use Agfafoto Rodinal Special from

    Rodinal Special has the advantage of long shelflife of OPEN bottle
    Rodinal Specal can last up to two years after open a
    bottle, you can develop more than 100 rolls of Copex with one one 125 ml bottle of Rodinal Special
  4. Hello everyone. Please be advised that John of J&C Photography has "offically" plug the plug on his business. I doubt if anyone else will be picking up his business and inventory. At the moment Gustavo, I am working with the HR material in the Folgernol or Coffenol developer data from Dan Quall's postings and after about 5 rolls (24x of 16mm) am zeroing in on about 30minutes with a mix of 6g of Folger's (the coffee) and 9g of Sodium Carbonate. When I get somewhere close to being happy with this mix, I will go to work with the HR on either PMK-Pyro or the Rodinal and Sodium Sulfite mixes...stay tuned!!, Enjoy, Bill
  5. My goof. That should be Don, not Dan, Qualls. Sorry, Bill
  6. Bill, sooner or later everyone will eventually get their developer from bulk food store-- coffee, tea or ascorbic acid...
  7. I used Rodinal in 1+200 dilution to developer a few rolls of 16mm Agfa Copex Rapid Pan
    Maid of the Mist, Niagara Falls
    Edixa 16MB, Agfa Copex Rapid
    developed with 1+200 dilution Rodinal
    Agfa Copex, Edixa 16MB
    Brick wall
    Edixa 16MB, Copex, developed with Rodinal
  8. Hello again. The best development so far has been with the HR rated at 6asa (I am using a Kiev30 and a Weston II for testing before slitting the 16mm film to the Minox format) and developed for 30mins (3 min presoak and 1 min agiatations) with 5.0g of Folgers crystals and 7.5g of Sodium Carbonate (monohydrate) in 250cc of DI water. I use a Nikor reel with PVC pipe spacers top and bottom in the Nikor tank. Like your pictures Martin, especially the hot-rod manifold!!....Enjoy, Bill
  9. Copex film, factory loaded by Minox is available at 4.60GBP + postage (and VAT in EU).
  10. Hello everyone. I just tried to order more Copex from Taylor-Merchant and have discovered they were pulled from the Agfa no supplies from them. Mark did give me another contact and I will report if they will break the case rule for single or small multi 35mm x 100ft rolls. Enjoy, Bill
  11. AFAIK, Currently there are two sources for Agfa Copex film
  12. BTW, my 16mm Agfa Copex is the original Agfa bulk film
    AGFA Copex HDP 10 Microfilm 16mm x 40m (131ft), not cut from 35mm film.
    It is direct load film

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