Converting fresnel stage lights to LED, help!

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  1. I bought a few old "Capitol Stage Lighting" fresnel lights today. I don't know the type of light source, but it looks like halogen. I'd like to convert them to LED bulbs. Any suggestions?
  2. Can you tell us what base the existing bulbs use? Theatrical lighting fixtures seldom used common screw in bases. This may complicate your conversion project, you might have to install new sockets or...
    In addition, you will have to make sure the lamp center length matches the old bulbs so the center of the LED is matched to the center of the fresnel lens.
    Don't expect your LED conversion to be anywhere near as bright as the old lights. Theatrical lighting typically use 750-1500 W bulbs, that produce as much as 30,000 lumens, a figure impossible to match with a small LED array.
  3. I'd think you'd need to replace your old lamp+reflector assembly with a new LED array assembly plus associated electronics. If you're not familiar with light ray calculations you'll need to do a bit of experimentation to find an array (very narrow) that works well with your lens.
  4. If you want to do this for the fun of experimenting, go ahead. But if you want to do it in order to be able to take picture, my advise is not to try this. Even if you could find an LED bulb with the right base and the right size/shape, there's more to it than that. The optical system of focusing lights is designed for a very specific bulb, including the shape and positioning of the filament within the bulb. There might be several bulbs that would fit, but only the specific type of bulb with the specific filament will work efficiently in terms of maximum light output.

    Virtually any bulb is still readily available from places like Figure out what kind of bulb the lights take, buy it and just use them the way they were meant to be used.
  5. Some "stage" lights now have LED replacement your lights to check this first.
    That would save money and experimentation.
  6. some Fresnel led light are for stage design some are for photography, we are led studio light supplier, try for online service, maybe they can help you.
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