Converting Canon FD to Nikon AIS?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by michael_tobias, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. Although I'm sure this will elicit a few arguements to switch to Canon, let me first say my camera bag is filled entirely with Nikon already, and it would be a somewhat (cough) expensive and time consuming endevor to switch all my equipment to Canon. I have 2 F3HPs and a N90s, as well as a myriad of lenses, flashes and accesories to go with. So my question is this. I have been recently looking at getting a 400mm f2.8 and the issue is one of price. The least expensive 400/2.8 I have ever found in Nikon AIS is slightly upwards of $2000, while I can pick up a Canon FD mount of the same lens for $1200. Now $800 (or more) is not small change for me, so it would make sense to buy the other lens if I could use it on my Nikon bodies, and it doesn't seem worth it to buy another body just for that one lens (a 400/2.8 is pretty hefty to begin with). So my question is, where or how can you convert these lenses from FD to AIS? Now before the ensuing "you can't do it" answers, I know you can because every now and again I run across a FD lens that has in fact been converted to AIS (usually it's the flourite 300/2.8) and have actually seen them myself. If you would like I can direct you to some links showing this equipment. If anyone could point me in the right direction or help me in finding out how this is done, I would be very appreciative. Thanks.

  2. What about buying a cheap Canon FD body? My guess is that you could get one for under $200 and still net a $600 savings. I wouls also speculate that the lens mount conversion would approach $200 so that would be a wash.
  3. There ARE optical adapters (e.g. by Kenko available in Japan) but they are in effect mild teleconverters in order to preserve infinity focus.

    Like Hayward said, a used FD body is a much easier solution(and probably cheaper too.)
  4. Face the facts. By far the cheapest solution would be to get a 2nd hand Canon FD body and dedicate it to that lens. I'd recommend either an A-1, AE-1 or AT-1 if you DON'T need a motor drive, and a T-90 if you do. The non-motorized solutions would cost you under $200. A T-90 body in nice shape would cost you around $350.
  5. Getting another body is a good solution; bodies are cheap; everyone is going digital :) <BR><BR>
  6. Michael; there are numerous EOS adapters; one allows olde FD lenses; on newer EOS bodies; these are usually just all manual affairs. This means you could use an EOS body; and the older super tele FD lens. Ebay and other places have them
  7. The simple solution is to buy an FD body but the lens conversion may be a very good alternative.You are in luck with the longer FD lens as they have room behind the rear elements to change things-short FD lenses make it impossible as the rear element would touch the reflex mirror.I have tried several FD lenses for conversion potential but never went ahead because they were not great ones(i did go ahead with a good konica telezoom to eos conversion).
    <br>The conversion you want to do is quite easy structurally but the problem with FD lens conversions tends to be aperture ring which usually has to be redesigned .Just get a quote for conversion before you buy the lens.

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