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  1. Hi guys!
    I JUST saw this picture of Misha Barton on the Austin Hargrave, and the way he used the flare is beautiful.
    I usually see when there's flare in the viewfinder, but it's never so soft and to some extent inconspicuous.
    Or is this done in post editing?
    Anyway, any suggestions to getting flare effects like this?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. look like photoshop lens flare filter to me... not sure how the photog can have a flare in is camera if he is shoothing down the car.. ; )
  3. Easy when it's a convertible. :)
  4. yea, but the lens is shoothing down.. if the sun was hitting the lens, it would hit it in is lower part of the lens.. so im not sure he would have a flare then?
    but the original question was natural or post.. i say post..
  5. Votes for post!
  6. Yup that's instant flare-in-a-can, just add water (or a mouse click).
  7. Aha, thanks guys!
    I was also thinking that this was done in post, but wasn't sure.
    I guess I'll have to dig into the flare effects in PS now 'cause this really added something special to the picture! =)
  8. I agree that it must be fake, but generally you can get this kind of look in camera (not the perfect ghosts but the veiling flare that reduces contrast, not sure my terminology is right though). Just try playing around shooting into different kinds of light. Try changing angles and how much and how close to the strong light your camera is pointing. Try different lenses. It can be really nice but you need to tune it to get the right look.
  9. Knoll Light factory does a lot for adding sun/flare effects to a pic
  10. It's a little bit of both, the car is on a hillside with late evening sun coming back into the camera, but the colour of the flare is added in post, the finished picture was shot in two frames L and R so the flare would not effect the face.
  11. I just want to say first off that im so impressed that a photog of your caliber took the time to respond to a post! YOUR WORK IS AMAZING.
    IM CROSSING MY FINGERS & you will have a huge fan forever and ever if you could help me with something! No one else has been able to answer this and its something you have do you get such clear images? All of your images are sharp as a tack with no flaws....whenever I edit a pic it shows that its been edited in terms of image quality. I know you shoot Hasselblad & that prob has a lot to do with it. But would you say always shoot & then edit in RAW? Dont save the image until its completly finished and you arent going to change anything & then save it in TIFF? Is there any special program that helps clean you an image after resizing and editing? Ive spent so many hours pulling out my hair & when I tell other Photographers to look at my images they say there's nothing wrong with them but its clear there is!
    Im attaching a pic for refrence....this isnt the best example as I did post in GIMP when I usually use CS5 but you get the idea of the image degrading that Im talking about.
  12. Ashley--re your sample. You have a DOF issue here. Focus (clear as a bell) is on the plane of the girl's hands. Bracelet is tack sharp. Everything behind that plane is slightly OOF. As for 'clear', that could mean lots of things, including local contrast (Clarity in LR), and exposing for the full dynamic range (detail in shadows and highlights). You need to explain what you are talking about. What 'flaws' do you see in your own sample?

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