Contract with 2nd Shooter?

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  1. Hello All,
    I am using a second shooter for the first time at a wedding I am doing in September. I wanted to know if I should have a contract with my 2nd shooter in regards to the images, details of what I expect, etc...?
    All your help and advice is welcome!
  2. Yes.
  3. In any business transaction, it's always best to outline the expectations and specifics upfront in writing....-Aimee
  4. You should have a written agreement that outlines not only his/her fee, but your expectation for his/her conduct during the event (appearance, non-compete, no drinking on the job, etc.) as well as copyright status or licensing rights for his/her images so that you can legally use, print and sell their images to your client.
    I had listed out some of the things that my studio includes in our second shooter agreement in someone else's thread here in this forum. You should search it out. You might read something you would have never thought of before.
  5. One thing you need to be careful of is image rights and who owns them. If your second shooter is a contract shooter and he/she is providing all of their own equipment, they will own all the rights to the images they shoot. This means that if they get upset with you for any reason they can legally withhold the images they shot. Your contract needs to talk about copyrights of the images or you could get burned badly. If this is something you plan on doing in the future or something that you are going to start to incorporate into your shooting from now on, you might want to draft up a contract with a lawyer so that it has everything you need in it.
  6. Rachel did write a great very detailed answer in the thread previous to this one in the same category. So all you need to do is click on "Wedding Photo Assistants" above and then choose the thread right below yours.
    Good luck!
  7. and he/she is providing all of their own equipment, they will own all the rights to the images
    Using one's own equipment is a factor in determining whether there is a work for hire or independent contractor situation but is not quite as dispositive as it is presented here since there are other factors (showing control or lack of control over the actor) as well.
  8. Ok, so where do you find a good reliable second shooter? art students?

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