Contract still valid after date change?

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  1. Hi All,
    I have a question regarding a contract that has been signed by a bride. The contract has the wedding day as August 25th but the date of the wedding changed to August 30th. Does this make the contract void?
    Images have been delivered and all payment has been received. However, an issue has come up with the Bride and I want to make sure that I can stand behind my contract.
    Thanks for the input.
  2. William Michael

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    Probably, the most relevant information is: what is the “issue” that has come up.
    FWIW - and considering the scant information provided: where I work (AUS), I very much doubt that a contract could be voided after it has been executed with the goods and services delivered and all monies paid on account of the date entered on the contract being erroneous: my understanding is that because both parties have already acted and the entered date and the date of those contractual actions have both passed, the erroneous date is no longer relevant as being a matter that could void the contract.
    BUT Contracts’ Law is different, in different parts of the world – so telling us where you work would also be a good idea.
    On another tack, It seems that you could be looking for a ‘legal loophole’ to avoid or put to rest a disgruntled customer: my advice from a business perspective on that matter is, there are probably easier means and employing any legally heavyweight action (such as voiding a contract, if you can), is usually best left to the very last course of action.
    More information from you, will surely reap better and more useful answers to your questions.
  3. If we are talking about 2016: the verbal modification should most likely keep the rest of the written contract intact and valid (in front of a German court).
    If you did an engagement shot and are unwilling to shoot the wedding in 2017 you can of course step back and refund.
  4. I'm not an attorney but wasn't the contract fulfilled when you delivered the images and were paid in full?
  5. Whats the issue? What youve stated is too ambiguous to be helpful.
    Legally, you cant verbally modify a written contract, but some how you and the bride have made changes, agreed to them
    and completed the responsibilities of the contract. Depending on how significant the date was, one could argue that the
    written contract was voided, and you and the bride made a new verbal agreement.
  6. "Legally, you cant verbally modify a written contract" I am not a lawyer, but I don't believe that is correct (at
    least under US law). But notwithstanding any conversation between the 2 parties, the wedding occurred 5
    days after the date stated in the contract, the photographer showed up and completed the job, and
    payment/product was exchanged. I don't think the change in date will have any impact on any other provisions
    in the contract.

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