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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by Jack McRitchie, May 19, 2019.

  1. I wonder if anyone in management actually uses or even monitors this site. I've experienced the same program glitches for over two years now. When I upload a new Featured Photo, the system places it not at the top, left which would be the intuitive position for the latest picture but usually somewhere in the middle of the second row. I'm getting damn tired of constantly having to re-order my pictures. And while I'm on my high horse, let's say you're going through the Trending category and you come upon a picture you want to open to the larger view or wish to leave a comment, when you finish and want to return to where you left off, the software not only doesn't bring you back but automatically advances you to the next page. What dunderhead came up with that feature? It doesn't work this way in any other forum. It's the lack of attentiveness to how this program actually works that is in part responsible for the slow draining away of membership, I believe. Navigation is cumbersome and, I'm sure, difficult to figure out for new members. I have no doubt that the majority simply give up or lose interest and drift away. I suspect that apart from a few individuals like Sandy, most members just shrug. It's obvious to me that this site is losing energy as well as members and is in danger of reaching the point that no one even cares enough to keep the doors open.
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  2. Does right click: "open in new window" work?
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  3. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Good Morning, Jack. Just put me down as stubborn, I will continue to try to push things along. As you know, there is a list of functional issues that I add to and forward the best I can - I will add this one. I can't tell you what order issues will be processed in. My Wife claims I am a pessimist - possibly true in general. In respect to Photo net, I'm hoping for a "change in the weather". BR S
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  4. Jack, I agree totally to your comment. I am always pleased to read your comments (and of course all the other members of photo net) I keep on struggling with the rather Neanderthalic way is constructed. i am 70 years of age so I understand my possibilities to embrace new developments are diminishing. So take my comment as possible due to my shrinking intelligence. After working in a hospital in software development I still feel this software as being sloppy. Lots of knobs and things to push and to play with. I still cannot find a proper way to answer any comment in a decent and sensitive way. May be Photo net want us to sent a personal email to the member in question? Sure I will, I am a grateful human being and want to express my appreciation to those who take the time to write any comment. Or those who like my images.
    And why???? did you left the good working system of the older days? Never ever looked at the other websites (how do my neighbors arrange such simple things) Take a look at Flicker for instance.
    You know dear Photo net, a website like yours has to be based on communication. Sure you offer lots of communication on lots of topics, great! But basically I want to communicate on a rather simple, constructive and rather easy way.
    And yes if I am getting a low brained, I will consider ending my membership.
    Kind regards,
    Herman Roes
  5. Jack
    Nothing new here (there). That is why many of us gave up long time membership years ago & either left or show up periodically to see if anything has improved (as we all know it hasn't).
  6. when i click on 'upload', the dialogue box to choose photos for upload gives the options (lower rhs) of: either 'all photos', or 'image/jpeg (*.jfif)'.
    'jfif' is a TYPO and the choice does not offer any files. somebody somewhere needs to fix it.
  7. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Gents and Ladies, if I could do anything more I would. I will say - we could nearly all do more / post more in terms of interesting participation, myself included. Photonet is and was important to me in advancing my skills, and having a lot of fun. I WILL BE ON BOARD AND PUSHING, until, if, when, someone shuts off the lights.
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  8. les


    The question is: why did things go downhill here ?
    I see continuous deterioration of the site for many years now.
    What is it then: sabotage ? Oh...I forgot...Russians meddling with everything these days...

    And let me tell you this:
    Cancelling the subscription as the only method to Update Payment Method is DUMB beyond belief (after one manages to press the button which flashes for a fraction of a second before disappearing - even this is a lousy web programming).
    Why can't I pay via PayPal ?
    Why do I have to pay only with auto-renew option ?
    Why the BS about having the control of my account - when the only control is of my credit card by PhotoNet ?

    I guess the going was good when it was good. But all good things come to an end.
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  9. les


    Glad to see this is not only me. Form over function, and changes for the sake of changes.
    And - "give us your card number" above all.
    It stinks.
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  10. Still no improvement after so many years with the new site lay-out. What I see are commercials I do not want to see. What I want to see is pictures of members and myself and in an easy way. The site is still a mess. Pity, it once was a good site when I started some 10 years ago. What went wrong???????
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  11. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Many things are not what they were 10 years ago. Two relaunches, changes in ownership, etc. Those of us who volunteer as Moderators and Administrators do what we can with the tools we have to help because we value the site. Not much more to say that I didn't back in June.
  12. Damn! I wish I'd come across these issues before .

    I was an early member and back in those days the site was well worth supporting.
    Now it appears I've wasted time creating a fresh identity and uploading my first 10 photos. Greaty pity. I notice my page still hasn't ben activated despite uploading the required images a week or so ago. Interestingly I joined the Fstoppers community with zero problems.
    Having decided to come back to, I am surprised to see the platform in such a shambles. I certainly won't be buying in to Premium Membership!
    I hope that members who are experiencing problems get them resolved soon. .

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