Contax T3 behavioral quirks

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  1. I hope I have chosen the right forum for this question.
    I have a Contax T3 which I purchased new and have owned for some time. This is a delightful little camera, but it does have a few quirks, and one in particular is a little annoying: When I spin the mode dial to change whatever setting it is set up to adjust (such as compensation or manual focus) I notice that sometimes the dial clicks and the amount of adjustment don't always agree. For example, if I set it for exposure compensation and quickly rotate it through 3 clicks of -1/3 each, the panel may only indicate that it has set to -2/3 compensation, as if it missed a click. it does the same thing with other modal settings, occasionally overlooking one or more clicks if I spin the dial quickly. There is not a precise 1:1 correspondence of mode dial clicks to adjustment increments, as you would experience with a mechanical camera. I've attributed this odd behavior to the fact that the dial is software controlled and the CPU may not be able to respond quickly enough to rapid input changes.
    I recall having a similar problem with a Contax G2 I used to own, when trying to adjust the manual focus dial. You would turn the dial and the camera decided if it would respond proportionally or not. Drove me crazy.
    I'm wondering if other T3 users have had this same experience. When I sent the camera to Contax for general servicing a few years ago, they said everything was "in spec", and implied this was normal behavior, so I just deal with it.
    What's your experience?
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  2. Why would you spin it quickly?
  3. Well, quickly is a relative term. If I decided I wanted +1 stop compensation, I might move the dial three clicks in say, a second or less, and then sometimes there would be this problem. I didn't mean that I would just randomly rotate the mode dial as fast as I can.
  4. Mine did the same thing. Mine had a quirky built-in lens cover that didn'y always close properly, the blades of the cover shutter would tend to get hung up requiring me to repeat the procedure.
  5. I experience the exact same problem as you Rick, just got one yesterday and was looking up if this Contax T3 mode dial problem was a common one or not.
  6. I bought my T3 when it was first introduced from B&H. Thankfully, they have a generous return policy. Took three tries before I got a T3 with no bugs but since then no problems.
  7. This just isn't correct. Like saying my 2001 car has a "quirk" with it, its 'Oil' light is always glowing.
    Well maybe this 2001 Contax T3 needs to get serviced...

    These complex and packed little cameras have lubricant, adhesive tapes and foam. They all age and as a result 'out-gas'.
    These fumes contaminate micro switching contact surfaces etc. causing contact 'chatter'...

    Full view to get to these switches.

    Separate the PCB from the plastic anchor points, solvent wash all contacts & then apply DeOxit 'Gold" electro-lube...

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