Contax S2 Spot Metering (not so bad)

Discussion in 'Modern Film Cameras' started by Henricvs, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. I really wanted to get the Contax S2b, but when I looked for one I was disappointed with the high cost. I wanted the option of spot metering, but not spot metering only. My RTSIII is lovely, but I wanted a small light body for my Zeiss/Yashica lenses. I found an S2 for a good price and thought, okay I'll see if I like the spot meter only bit. Using the spot metering is akin to using Nikon matrix metering versus a center weighted system or a hand held meter or no meter. It is different, but easy to use. My only complaint is the flickering shutter speed LEDs. They are very annoying. I feel like anything else would have been better than this idea. They are usable, but very, very, very annoying. The body is nice. It is small, light and simple. The bottom line, I'm keeping it and I'll use it as much as my F3, OM4ti and M6 for film.


    I tore the leather on the front of my camera, dang it. I ordered a replacement and went blue for grins. A quick plug for a good source for coverings, Custom Camera Coverings. I ordered the blue covering and he sent me an extra covering (a maroon one) at no cost. I love Japan. If anyone needs a covering, message me and I'll give it to you.
  2. Blue IS beautiful, but I went for red on another Contax model:
    Like many other 'plastics' and synthetics in Japan at the time, something didn't work out all that well.

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