Contax Planar 1960

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  1. Is there a digital camera that will take a a chrome 50mm Zeiss Planar using an adaptor.? I have taken some of my
    best pictures with this heavy lens.
  2. There are great adaptors on e-Bay to mount this lens on all mirrorless cameras. FYI there will be a magnification factor.
    A search of "contax RF to sony nex" will turn up results for NEX.
  3. Check out Amadeo and Cameraquest. Get a Leica M and you can have it full frame.
  4. Is this a quiz?
    The only "1960 Planar" units are the one's made for the Contarex SLR cameras. (They actually began production in 1961)
    If what I say is correct, then you'll be looking for the Contarex to: NEX / Fuji / Olympus / Panasonic / CanonEOS adapters.
  5. "FYI there will be a magnification factor" john c.
    Not the case with this fantastic adapter:
    Metabones Speed Booster <<< Click
  6. You might look at
  7. Gus is right. There were no 50mm Planars made for the Contax in 1960.
  8. My mistake i meant Contarex not Contax

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