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  1. Anyone know the answer to this one?

    I have a Contax II, and it seems to be in good shape - except for
    this: on slow speeds after the shutter is fired, when I begin to wind
    for the next shot, as the top curtain is rising it is often the case
    that the lower curtain separates such that the film is exposed.

    On high speeds, the curtains fall quickly and the top curtain and
    bottom curtain lock together. Then as they rise together for the next
    shot, they provide a light-tight seal. But on low speeds, often as
    not, they fail to lock and rise together.

    Failing to lock together, this leaves separation of various widths
    between the top and bottom curtain as I wind the camera. Sometimes
    after cocking is complete, the lower shutter is left hanging only
    half way up across the film exposure openning. Does anyone know what
    is wrong with this camera? Is there an easy adjustment for this?
    Thank you.
  2. The best source for Contax/Kiev Shutter info I've found is here:

  3. There are a pair of latches at the corners of the curtains that lock the two together for winding. There are a few possible causes for them to fail to latch up .... spring tension might be low, the latches might be bent or the shutter might just need cleaning to speed it up. it's also possible that the ribbons might have been replaced incorrectly, with the new ribbons being too thick or the springs not correctly tensioned.

    the first place i would look is cleaning - while you're in there you can check to see if the latches are damaged or the ribbons look overly worn or suspiciously new.

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