Contax G2 Data Back - instructions?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by paul hart, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. I have recently picked up a data back for my Contax G2. However, the instruction manual is in Japanese. I've managed to work out some of the features, but others remain unclear.
    Does anyone know whether the manual is available online? A search has unearthed the G2 manual but not the data back.
    Alternatively, can anyone give me a quick guide - particularly how to set the different modes (imprinting on each photo/collecting the data on the first 2 exposures, etc)?
    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video
  3. Henry: that's a very useful link, thank you.
    However, it relates to the data back for the RTS, which doesn't seem to have the facility that the GD-2 back has to choose between imprinting all the data on the first 2 frames, and imprinting it between each frame.
    At the moment I'm struggling to work out how to select these modes. Any ideas?
  4. Paul, the data collection is enabled by setting the switch inside the back to ON (labeled, EXP.DATA IMPRINT). When you set this to on and close the back, the film will wind to frame 3. During the rewind, the data is imprinted onto frames 1 and 2. During the imprinting, a light on the back will blink, while printing. It takes about 20 seconds to imprint. When done, the counter will blink at 00.
    When the switch is turned off, if you set the back to some mode other than the one with all dashes (-- ---- ----), it will imprint between the frames, using the display mode setting.
    I have the manual and can scan to a PDF, if interested (English, French, German or Spanish). I can probably do it by this weekend. PM me if interested.

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