Contax G1 or G2?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by jose_francisco, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. I can purchuase a new one G1 (last serie) or G2?
    Which one is better?
  2. From all that I have heard, the G2 incorporated significant improvements over the G1
  3. The G2 can use all the 'g' lenses without modification, whereas the G may need to be
    serviced to use certain lenses.
  4. The G2 has a better focusing system (combination of active and passive). Some of the newer G series lenses also only work on the G2 and not the G1 unless the G1 has been modified. You can tell the modified G1s if there is a green sticker inside the back door. I also seem to remember that the old G1s viewfinder wasn't as big or bright as the G2s, which is can really be an issue for some since the G2 viewfinder isn't all that great either. The G2 is a bit bigger and heavier, though.
  5. But the G1 is a real bargain!
  6. I have used both but sold the G1. The G2 is a much better camera, more reliable focus and
    lower motor noise. Go with the G2.
  7. Without having used a G2 extensively, I have bought a (green sticker) G1. They are dirt cheap right now - currently for even less than USD 200 sometimes. Until now I still have to find a flaw about my sample, it works like a charm and I do not miss anything.
  8. Same here. But I miss a better AF lock than half depressing the shutter release, it is not
    handy at all. With a green sticker G1, the only lens you can't use is the zoom. I bought
    mine new last summer for a such a low price, are G2 as cheap as the G1?
  9. After owning a G1 for over a year I bought a G2, just to experience the improvement. Now I often carry both for day trips.

    I actually like G1 better, mainly because of the size. G2 is great with even better specs and the improvement on focusing is small but noticeable. However, at the end of the day, the improvement makes little difference in the result. Not enough to justify the price difference, in my opinion.

    Moreover, unlike many others, I even like the manual focus control on G1 better. If you find the manual focusing wheel on G1 too loose, you can have it adjusted. The repairman solved it when I was complaining about this problem... a three minutes work.
  10. It depends if you want the zoom really. Or if you want the focus lock button. Either of those are G2 only. Otherwise... pick whichever one you like. THey are booth very nice (and what is with all of us responding that we have booth... weird:) ).

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