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  1. I have a fresh battery in a Contax DX. The shutter and mirror works fine without a lens. One I affix a CZ Sonnar 100/3.5 T* lens, it appears that the aperture closes and the VF is black when I press the shutter. It sounds like the mirror bounces back to its normal position. Can a lens be defective?
  2. Contax DX ?? Is there such a camera? I’ve heard of the AX, but not the DX.
  3. I apologize. I am referring to the RX. Could I have activated MLU function? This camera worked fine with a Yashica ML 50 but I no longer have that lens. I bought the CZ T* 100/3.5 on eBay.
  4. Have you checked that your mirror has not slipped from the plate it is attached on? This is not uncommon with Contax SLRs. Your symptoms sound very familiar. CZ lenses typically have more protruding back than Yashicas, that's why the issues appear earlier when using them. When the problem happens try to slowly release the lens. If mirror comes down I am pretty sure that mirror has slipped due to glueing giving up. Investigate that mirror does not extend over the plate it is attached on. In case it does, google for Contax mirror slip, info is available.
  5. Mike, your post was interesting. I opened the RX and examined the mirror relative to its plate. I can't say that the mirror has slipped, but there is a very small overhang - natural or not I don't know. I attempted to push the mirror up the plate with my fingers, just to see what happens, and the mirror was solid - no movement that I could see. I lightly wiggled the entire mirror housing a bit. I fired the shutter without lens and the mirror moves as it should. I then affixed the CZ 100/3.5 lens, fiddled with the aperture settings, and the combination now works fine. I have no clue what has transpired, but thank you for your advice.

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