Contax at the beach

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by vidom, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. Last weekend I took my Contax with me for a walk on the beach. I still think that the 21 Biogon alone is worth owning a Contax, but look for yourself. I enlarged this up to 30x40 cm, it's still fairly sharp at that size. The scan doesn't even get close to giving a realistic impression of what the print looks like. Not bad for a 50 year old superwide!
  2. IMO the 21mm Biogon holds its own against current 21mm lenses.
  3. Beautiful shot. Please show more.
  4. What film was used ?
  5. Simply stunning work there.

    Sighhhhh... Its too bad that I will never be able to own one of these :( Has anyone ever compared the Cosina Voigtlander 21mm lens?
  6. Wonderful photo - I can only imagine it at that size - WOW!
  7. Mike, don't give up. Less than a year ago I picked up a beaten IIIa with a near mint Biogon 21 with bubble, excelent Biogon 35 and crummy 21-35-50-85-135 turret for less than 200 bucks. In the net. Ad title was "35mm camera", and there was no pic. So they are still out there. I was a verified Contax fan long before, but the 21 makes this system shine.
  8. Peter, that shot is just simply superb! Congratulations.
  9. I can't recall ever seeing a 21 Biogon for sale on Ebay; I can only imagine how expensive one would be--you are a very lucky guy Peter.
  10. there's one on USA ebay now if you look.
  11. Wow! I agree I would like to see a few more.

  12. I shot this on EFKE 50, developed in Calbe A49 1+1 (which is a classic combination in itself, as the EFKE is based on the original ADOX emulsion of the 50s and A49 is some ancient Agfa Atomal formula - this is what they shot with when the Contax was made). Exposure was 1/2 sec if I recall this correctly, I had to use a red filter as I didn't have a neutral grey to get such a long exposure. As the EFKE film has low sensitivity for red and there was no blue in the sky, the red filter didn't have much contrast enhancing effect. I made the print on Classic Polywarmtone Baryt matte paper, it is quite a straight print, I only had to burn in the sky a bit. This is the original tone of the paper, no additional toning done (I love this paper!). The scan was made in true color mode from a small print (13x18 cm), some USM applied to compensate for some losses of sharpness within the digital workflow. Regrettably, as a full-time working person with a job that has nothing to do with photography I don't have much time for darkroom work, so this is the only picture I printed from this roll (the others look much the same, with some changes in aperture and exposure time; I also took some pictures on the same location with the 35 Biogon but those don't look half as spectacular).

    I'm glad you like my humble efforts and I'll happily keep on posting pictures I made of or with classic cameras. Thank you all for the compliments!

  13. Gorgeous shot Peter.

    We assume you will be showing some more soon :)


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