Contax 645 - can't remove film back

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by neil_mcnaughton, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. I have great difficulty removing the film back from my Contax 645. Anyone else experienced this problem?
    Any tips. I know that the dark slide has to be in.

  2. Removal of the film backs can be finnicky with that camera on ocassion.

    Try removing the dark slide and re-install it with a firm steady motion inward, Then slide the
    release button into position and very firmly press it inward ... while pushing the back in
    toward the camera. If that doesn't work, repeat it and slightly exert pressure on the film back
    away from the camera.

    Best of luck.
  3. Hold the camera in your left hand, hold the back in your right hand, move the little lever
    on the top left side of the back (right above the release for the back door) forward with
    your right thumb, hold it there and PRESS DOWN on it. The back should just move out
    from the top very easily.
  4. Hi Neil

    I had the same problem. It has, as Marc describes, all to do with how well in the dark slide is inserted. If you have inserted the dark slide incompletely or at an angle, you will not be able to depress the film back release button. If I have the problem now, I remove the dark slide turn it round, and reinsert it carefully.

    The problem seems to have disappeared with use. Maybe this is due to wear.

    I have also once experienced that the film back fell of, when attached to the camera. I now take extra care when fitting and removing the film back.

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