CONTAX 2 weight?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Troll, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. What is the weight of a Zeiss Contax 2 with and without 50mm f:2.0 Sonnar?
  2. I measure 800g with neverready case and no lens
    With a Jupiter 8 (Sonnar copy) 928g
  3. Thanks, Chuck.
    How about just the body (no use)?
  4. I get 601g for Contax 2 body complete with film take up reel but without film or lens. With f2 Sonnar 50mm, that was 763g.

    Contax 1 body as above was 566g, but looks heavier 'cos it's black.
  5. I could provide some information pertaining to weights with or without the 50mm collapsible, post war 50mm f/1.5 or 135mm Sonnar.

    But with a user name of "Troll" do you really expect people to take you serously, or want to help? Perhaps you're really a very nice forum member. But you've chosen your user name. If you want to call yourself that, why on earth would I bother trying to find out?
  6. Thanks, James.
  7. I was surprised it was 20g heavier than a Leica M3. I always thought it was a lot lighter.
    Peer Gynt casually took the oath of the trolls; something like, "A troll is to himself enough..." You have been around longer than I have, so, cheers.....
  8. Note that the contax iia is a bit smaller than the ii.
    My iia weighs 527 grams without lens.
  9. That's a lot lighter. At the same time, Leicas got heavier: 400g+ for the pre war IIIa, 600g- for the 1954 M3

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