Contarex Planar focussing siezed.

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  1. I took my Contarex out to run a film through it to findhat the focusing ring on the 50mm Planar would not turn. It has been in a dry place for about three years. When I put it away, in its ever ready case, it was working perfectly. Could anyone kindly let me know if there is some way of freeing it off without an expensive repair ?
  2. I'm afraid I can't help resolve your issue, Anthony, but you have my sympathies. I would be most unhappy if this occurred - I hope that someone here has a simple solution.
    As an aside, perhaps the lens is best stored vertically, out of the leather case (to avoid humidity/acidity issues that contents of leather cases may suffer).
  3. I have used my late father's Contarex Planar for a long time. The focus never frozed, though. Try warming the lens gently for a long time (it has a lot of metal and glass), for instance with a hair drier or over a radiator. The heat may reduce friction if the problem is dried grease. Hope you can recover it, it is a very nice lens.
  4. If it's truly frozen, then High Heat is the method required & utilized by technicians. But an important warning; the lens must be torn-down in order to protect the other components that don't require the heat. Glass formulas utilize adhesives to join elements (softening will cause ruinous separation), lubricant that will 'fume/out-gas', can contaminate the metal aperture blades and the coatings of the groups.

    So get it down to only the joined helical assembly, then evenly heat in oven at 350 degrees F - The helical will begin to smoke as the acidic lube changes its 'state'...

    When is it done? I carefully use heavy leather welding gloves to check the assembly for 'break-loose' movement.
    Then the tech can take it apart for solvent washing & re-application of the proper weight/viscosity grease.
    Now, putting it back together is another subject...
  5. PB Blaster W/ eye dropper

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