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  1. My Zeiss Ikon Series I Contarex has a few problems I am working through. One issue is an inoperative meter. I noticed that when measuring the two leads off the cell, it shows a sensitivity to light; but I can't find any information on what the acceptable range would be. I did find info on a west coast repair site indicating the wiring needs to be replaced but other than that, not much info. Anyone here have experience with these cameras they would want to share?
  2. For a Selenium cell the diameter of that on the Contarex, I think a reasonable output would be in the region of 250 microamps in full sunlight.

    That's based on the output of a good Weston meter cell, which is about twice the diameter.

    If you have a multimeter, a variable power supply and a resistor of 47 or 100Kohms, you can force a known current into the camera's meter and see what its FSD current is. You'll then have a good idea what current to expect from the cell.

    However, I'd be prepared for the cell to be beyond use.
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  3. Light meters are not immortal. Especially on older cameras with extinct technology, etc.

    My solution for older cameras was to buy a Gossen Luna-Pro SBC, which has the additional benefit of using standard 9-volt batteries. I'd suspect that would work better than the cyclops meter anyhow.

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