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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by Sanford, Jun 21, 2020.

  1. If some comments on one of my photos in a gallery, how can I send a personal reply. Can't find a mail link on his page.
  2. Click on member Name / Icon and send Private Message (PM)
  3. I don't see that option on their gallery page.
  4. Sandy Vongries

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    If you go to your gallery and select comments, a list of those you have received will come up. If you double click on the persons avatar, it will take you to their page and you can leave a Profile comment. May not be the right way, but it is all I could find just now.
  5. Can't get there, there is portfolio comments and my replies to comments. I have to click on an avatar here in replies to see the "private message" message.
  6. The portfolio/critique side of the site was poorly designed and is still lacking in functionality. So, what you might need to do is copy the user's name, then go back to forums and click on your own INBOX (where you receive personal messages, at the top of any forum page), click on START NEW CONVERSATION, paste in the user’s name, and pm the user. This is needlessly complicated and opaque but not all that hard to do and should work.
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  7. And I thought it was just me missing the obvious all this time.
  8. Well. I wasn't going to say anything....:rolleyes:
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  9. I am trying to "start a conversation" with someone on PN, but whether I write or copy/paste the name I am told "the following recipient cannot be found"

    Interestingly, when you start to type a name, suggestions for completing it appear below what you type, but his name is not included among them, though he has been a member for seven years.
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  10. Some people disallow conversations, either with individuals or with everyone. There are a variety of ways to do this. One can IGNORE an individual member, which will mean that member cannot participate in a conversation with you. In Privacy Settings, one can set up conversations to filter out everyone except those following you. There may be other filtering possibilities I'm not aware of, but one possibility is that the member you're trying to contact has a filter on for conversations. Another possibility, of course, is that it's a system glitch or the system is not recognizing a particular name, which I've experienced as well.
  11. Indeed so, but in this particular case it is a long standing friend with whom I exchange comments on our photos.
  12. Got it.

    Perhaps make a comment on one of his photos and ask him to start a conversation with you. That might establish a conversation link that you can take advantage of.
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