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  1. I'm in the process of rebuilding my web site. I do this as a hobby and have never generated any income off my site. Instead, it is there to share with friends, family, and other fellow photographers. So what about contact info? I used to post my email as name@gmaildotcom rather than I just didn't want to bother with getting my email hacked and all the rest that comes with it. Should I continue this practice or just not worry?
  2. Even better, you should make a web-form as a way for people to contact you instead of just having your email address available. Adding a CAPTCHA function will reduce the amount of spam you receive too.
  3. Agree with Rob. Your friends and family already know how to reach you. Bots scraping your site already know how to
    translate your obfuscated text display of an address ... which makes a form the way to go. Visitors fill in the blanks, and
    when they post the form, the server looks at the supplied text and either returns the user to the form to correct obvious
    mistakes, or it bundles up the supplied data and emails it to you behind the scenes, returning the visitor to a "Thank you
    for your interest" page, indicating you'll get right back to them. Much better than displaying an address, obfuscated or
  4. Thanks all for the responses. I will look at forms. I'm using softpress freeway pro. Of course I want to be able to post my favorites of 2012!
  5. I use the email provided by the people hosting my site. It's long and complicated as hell but it keeps the hackers away...

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