Confronting nature

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  1. I love it. Well played!

    A confrontation and contradiction of black swans
  2. . . Mt. St Helens. July 1980. . This is the beginning of the 3rd eruption of the day. Ash and vapor clouds of the two earlier (and higher) eruptions are above.
    [​IMG]. . Mt. St Helens by Reinhold S., on Flickr .. .Neg # MTWA 009. Mamiya RB67 camera, 360mm lens + 2x doubler., O2 + polarizer filters. PXP film.
  3. posted somewhere before
    0163a Peligro Rinoceronte Mirándome NAFS-70-400G ED VRII.jpg Nikkor AF-S 80-400 G ED (300) on DX
  4. EPSN2471_g2.1BCW2G2BCuCoRa39.JPG
    Epson R-D1, Canon 50/1.5 LTM (1955)
  5. img011.jpg
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  6. [​IMG]
    Canon Powershot G11

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