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  1. Good evening
    I have brought a new PC running Windows 7. It came with Photoshop Elements 7 preinstalled. However the camera raw plug-in is version 5.2. I wish to update it to 5.6 so it can read my Canon 5D Mk II files. (I wish to have a backup raw converter to DPP)
    Loading Elements 7, clicking "Help","Updates" and downloading does not work. Instead, I downloaded ACR Ver 5.7 directly from Adobe direct and saved it to my computer
    Unfortunately I do not understand how to manually load it up into Elements 7
    My question do I manually replace ACR 5.2 with ACR 5.6 in Elements 7?
    Please remember I am not a computer geek so apologies if this is a dumb question...
  2. click on the setup.exe file :)
  3. "Loading Elements 7, clicking "Help","Updates" and downloading does not work."
    Could you be more precise about WHAT didn't work ? Did it open a web page and take you to Adobe ? Did it start a download ? If it did, did you find what it saved and where it was ? Often, updates get saved , but don't put themselves in the program, until you double click on them and "launch" the updates installer program. The installer could be called anything, such as "updater" to " Installer" to something with a long name like "PSEUpdate052010" or something.
    Give us some more details, and we'll get you up to speed.
  4. Umesh. I am not a PC expert. What do you mean the setup.exe file?
    John W. I thought my explanation was quite thorough. In Elements 7, clicking on "Help", "Updates" etc means the updates begin to load, get 90% done - then I get a message to the effect of "A program wants access to your computer". When I click "Allow", the updates crash and I get a message to the effect of "Updates could not be loaded". I seem to remember somebody telling me that Elements was "crippled" in this respect.
    This is why I mention in my next paragraph that I downloaded ACR 5.6 directly from the Adobe website. I have the zip folder on my desktop which brings me back to my original question:
    How do I manually replace ACR 5.2 with ACR 5.6 in Elements 7 (without messing it up)
    A constructive step by step guide from anyone would be most useful (and encouraging)
    Many thanks
  5. One usually would go to the Adobe site and search for the update. I found it at this address:
    You should be able to download it and apply it.
  6. Robert,
    First make sure PS Elements is not running before taking these steps.
    1. You need to extract the files from the ZIP-file; in Windows 7, right-click the file and select 'extract all'. You will get a folder with the same name as the ZIP. In there should be a file called 'Camera RAW.8bf'.
    2. Now, open the folder c:\program files\adobe\photoshop elements 7.0\Plug-Ins\File Formats. In that folder, you will see a file called 'Camera RAW.8bf'. Copy this file to a safe location on your hard drive (it is ACR5.2).
    3. Take the 'Camera RAW' file from the extracted files, copy it to this location, overwriting the old one. Restart Photoshop Elements, open a RAW file to verify whether it now loaded 5.6.
    Note, in case of emergency, copy back the original ACR5.2 file. If Windows ask for permission to write the files to the folder of Photoshop Elements, allow it.
    Not entirely related:
    I get a message to the effect of "Updates could not be loaded". I seem to remember somebody telling me that Elements was "crippled" in this respect.​
    Complete nonsens. A lot of people yell PS Elements is crippled, but a lot of those critics seem to not have used it a lot. So pinches of salt come in handy when Photoshop users make claims on the little brother.
  7. Wouter
    Thanks for your comprehensive response. However I must be doing something wrong. I started following your instructions but at 2): I opened my computer and typed in what you wrote - however the computer came up with the following error message: "windows could not find the file "c:\programfiles\adobe\photoshopelements7.0\Plug-ins\FileFormats"
    Where do I go from here...?
    Sorry to sound dumb..

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