Complan vs. Minox Lenses

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  1. I have seen the thread(s) discussing the differences between these,
    however I have not any discussion as to which is preferable.
    Which gives better performance?
  2. The complan lens is a little better. The film plane is curved to match the curve of the rear
    element of the lens. The only downside is that it's more likely to scratch your film. I
    haven't had this problem, but I keep my Minox clean.
  3. COMPLAN is sharper
  4. So I should look for a Camera with Complan lens then?
    Given the tiny size of the negative, will the difference be noticeable?
    I ask because I am considering an 8X11 Minox because it is the smallest quality camera I know of.
    I am not really wanting to do document copying so I was leaning towards an EC.
    The other choice would be a III or IIIS.
  5. An EC?

    Get a used B. The EC has a decidedly inferior and slow lens.
  6. Andrew,
    Is the EC lens that bad? I understand that it is f5.6vs3.5.
    Also, is the difference between the Complan and Minox lenses visible in prints?
  7. Ah, my question as to the performance differences of Complan and Minox lenses are discussed in Martin Tai's thread

    Ok that answers that, tho there is an implication that the ECX lens can resolve 200 lines per mm.

    Andrew- I had been considering the EC/ECX because they are so very light and small. A "B" or III/s might be a bit heavy around ones neck. But you point about faster lenses and manual controls are well taken :)
  8. "Get a used B. The EC has a decidedly inferior and slow lens."
    The EC contains the same optics as the LX/TLX, namely the MINOX. Its not really slower but includes a Waterhouse stop to increase the depth of field given its lack of focusing. The stop can be removed and the lens' fixed focus can be altered--- some people have been known to have the focus tweaked to be better suited to specific applications.
    The EC is small and light and very handy. Its really the only MINOX truely suited to have bouncing around in your pocket.
    COMPLAN or MINOX objective? They are both really quite good and unless you are using microfilm and enlarging using a point light source its really moot which has more contrast or resolution.
    Minox A/III, B, C or EC or...? Decisions, decisions... They all have their advantages... (I guess why I have some of each)..
  9. Thank you.
    I am going with an EC, lighter weight, more resistant to scratches and moisture (at least it has been so reported to me).
    The 2m focus is not such an issue as I wanted a small, discreet, non-threatening and relatively inexpensive camera to photograph people.
    For larger and more distant subjects my Minox 35GL or my Hexar will do nicely ;)
  10. Walter Zapp is reported to have said that the complan lens is best for black and white but the coating of thw Minox lens is better for color.

    You do not get increased scatching from a complan lens over a Minox lens. That only applied to the fifth element of the planar lens on the original Minox A.

    I took a Minox LX and EC on a six week trip. The results from teh EC where better. The LX slides have flare and the EC color negatives are perfect. Since then I have not had similar problems with the LX or TLX.

    EC or AIIIs or B. Minox Riga, A and B models wind on the negative every time the camera is pulled open. The C, BL, LX, TLX, AX do not.
    The EC is tiny, light and very rapid to use (no settings). What is lacks is variable focus and it is always possible to get teh edge and better image with a focusing 8x11 camera. But for speed of use a B/C/BL/LX may be left on the hyperfocal point (2m) and so is just a slightly faster lens than the EC.

    EC can be had for 30-40EURO (or less). A Minox B now sell for $60 but you can also get a C for 60EURO (with patiences) and even the BL goes for 200EURO (with some still getting 500+EURO with box etc).

  11. Gerald,
    Thank you for the insights.
    You cite some prices for EC's, are these E-Bay prices?

    The above URL gives a great comparison. In fact, Mr. Krehbiel's entire site is a wealth of information!
  13. Pace,
    Thank you!!!
    I had that site bookmarked already but had not seen that section.
    I cannot believe how much info is there!
    I agree with his surprise/delight at how well the ECX lens performed on subject so far beyond it design intent.
    Argh, must not buy Every Minox yet, take it slowly, calm blue ocean, happy place...LOL.
    Seriously it is hard not to beome addicted.
  14. I have just completed compling the final value results from Ebay with 4200 results for Minox cameras and accessories. This has been posted to the Yahoo group Minox-FAQ.

    Ebay results are not predictable and many high and low values are wild but over time you can see what comes available, what condition and the falling in prices.

    As only a few collectors/dealers know enough about the camera to check it out you may also have a repair bill of anything from 40GBP to 100GBP but equally might have a camera that does not need servicing for another 10-20 years.

    TLX, ECX, EC and MX cameras are available new and with 3 year warranty and at prices lower than used cameras where only a couple of years ago.


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