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  1. hey, i'm an amature photographer.i use a D40 with 18-55 kit i'm willing to buy a tele the d40 doesn't have an internal motor so dont kno which tele lense i should buy and i dont have that much budget...can u guys plz tell me which tele lenses support D40 and is there any third party lense tht suport d40 with AF?
    i would like to buy AF Zoom Nikkor 70-300mm f/4-5.6 autofous lense silver or nikon Zoom 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED AS-S VR DX
    does this lense support d40 with this lenses good for me??
    Plz give me some suggesion....

  2. The "AF Zoom Nikkor 70-300mm f/4-5.6 autofocus lense silver" does NOT support autofocus on the D40. This is an earlier very low cost budget zoom from the film era, with flimsy construction quality and a reputation for softness at the 300mm end. There are better alternatives for your D40, such as ...

    ... the 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED AF-S VR DX you referenced above, which does fully support autofocus on the D40, and despite also being a budget telephoto zoom, has a reputation for good optical quality.

    If you need longer than 200mm, then the AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G IF-ED is fully compatible with the D40, and has excellent image quality. But it is a considerable step up in price (and build quality) compared to the two lenses mentioned in your question.

    I think that there are a few third party telezoom alternatives that will autofocus on your D40, but I am not familiar with them, so I'll let someone else offer those suggestions.
  3. The 55/200 Vr is of similar quality to your current lens. Easily worth the $250 I paid.
    I will not buy third party lenses for various reasons. Some are happy. Many are not. It may work on todays camera, but will not work on a future camera. A local dealer has a few third party lenses that used to work until the owner upgraded camera body.
  4. If the len description has the "S" designator in it then it will focus on the D40 or D60
  5. i will second michael's suggestion. and if i may add that you get a good flash unit, at least the sb600. if you don't need the 300mm, then the money saved there can go to the flash unit. unless you don't want to go into flash photography, yet.
    for half the price of the sb-600, you can get the tiny sb-400. it will match the d40 well but it doesn't swivel, just bounce.
  6. Nayeem, for Nikon lenses, you basically need to keep a lookout for AFS (auto focus silentwave) lenses and the 55-200mm VR is one such lens.
    For Sigma its know as HSM (hyper sonic motor) and Tamron its BIM (built in motor). Not sure Tokina has something similar though.
  7. I've recently found myself in the same situation as you and finally settled on buying the nikon 18-200mm f 3.5-f5.6 AF-S DX VR. It is an excellent lens, quality is superb, VR makes handholding at 200mm almost easy. Downside is the $600-700 pricetag. Upside is for now I only have to carry one lens around until I get the cash to buy some fast primes or fast zooms!
  9. In your situation, the 55-200 VR is probably the best telephoto you can get. It is perfectly sharp at all focal lengths with a bit of light fall-off at the long end (I consider the light fall-off a pleasant effect).
    Remember that at the telephoto end, individual numbers mean less and less. 55mm is only 37mm more than 18mm, but it's more than three times the length. 300mm is 100mm more than 200mm, but it's only a half (1.5 times) more length.
    It's well worth the $200 or whatever the price is now.
  10. The two best choices for you would be the 55-200 f/4-5.6 VR DX ($200), and the 70-200 f/4.5-5.6 VR ($450). Both feature AF-S, ED elements, and VR (although the 70-300 has a better motor with full time MF). The old 70-300 AF-D G is a cheap lens, but not really a good one.

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