Compact yet solid light stands?

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by twmeyer, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. I'd like something as close to the solid support of a C stand in something that packs smaller/lighter.
    8 to 9 feet extended and 36inches or less when collapsed. I've changed from the lightweight heads of Lumedyne to the larger Einsteins, and am wanting some peace of mind... suggestions? Thanks... t
  2. Just picked up a pair of these: Bought them via eBay as B-Stock, indistinguishable from new, even had Manfrotto warranty like new. Here's the auction link if you're interested: (I offered $70 each and that offer was accepted, so I got two for less than the price of one from B&H.)
    Moved up from Photoflex which were nearing their end of life. Very solid and stable, I even have Einsteins as well and they are a perfect match even with 60" umbrellas outside in a breeze.
  3. The Avenger A635B is a great light stand, as is it's smaller brother the A630B.
  4. I use the manfrotto 1004 master stands. The older model was called 004.
    They are air cushioned and fairly cheap, around $110 new.
  5. Try the 8' Bogen 3086 lightstand. Made by Manfrotto. No longer availabe new but you can get them on ebay used.
  6. Thanks for these connections. The A635B EBay item looks good, but...

    I don't need 12 ft. I do need shorter collapsed length. I want large diameter tubing.

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