"Compact" Nikon F3

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  1. I found something cool at a local Goodwill store and had to share the news of my new old compact Nikon F3. I saw it from half way across the store and was confused/curious. I can't find where to put film in it , but it will hold one CF card or several SD cards, OR pens and pencils. I have never seen a Nikon pencil holder and was curious if anyone here has any idea who made it.It is made of metal and is very solid. I put my F3T beside for comparison. I occassionaly brouse the local thrift stores hoping to find a good deal and usually come home disappointed, but not today.
  2. Here is another photo.
  3. And one more.
  4. It was a normal F3 that shrank from the humiliation of being used as a pencil holder.
  5. Does it have detachable prism? Cool thingy.
  6. A very sad sight. I too have an FTN, a couple of F2S's and a pair of F3's that are also suffering from "Kodachrome Withdrawal Syndrome".
  7. Many years ago i came across Fake F3's! I never figgered out how they were made, so close.. Only the light(?) for illuminating the LED was missing.The shutter vertical metal, unlike Nikons. Last year I purchased a Chinon SLR. It would be easy to place this camera body into a shell to resemble a F3! Yes it's K-mount. It has the double exposure gizmo in same place. Chinon is mostly plastic but a really nice box to work with..
    Oh! The fakes were confiscated by the Nikon agent in my country and destroyed. I think it was a shipment of 6, from Singapore.
    Please the word "Kodachrome" not to be mentioned near my Nikon-F's. M-3 or Pradovit projector..

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