Compact Digital Camera with Remote Control?

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  1. Hi,
    I'm planning for a digital camera and have zeroed in on Canon G9. But then when
    I tried to compare older "compact film camera" with this, one important feature
    missing is "Remote Control". Does anyone know any decent "Compact" digital
    camera having remote control (triggering) feature?

    Why is it that most "compact" digital cameras lack this feature when it was so
    common 10 years ago in compact film cameras?

    I checked few cameras but they are way too heavy, like over 500g!

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Both my G2 and G6 (as well as a $100 stylus film cam!)have remote releases that I use frequently for tripod use, also handy for street use if you want to shoot without someone seeing you touch the shutter. I guess I will have to get used to the self-timer mode on the G9, good grief they add RAW back in, I guess we only get one amenity per model. I did some back-checking of specs and Canon dropped the remote release with the G7.
  3. I have remote control for my Panasonic FZ30 and now FZ50. I also found and bought a 45ft extension cable on Ebay. I could have bought two for a 90ft extension etc :) But these release are a switch rather than the 'film' type screw-in socket cable in top of trigger. I also find the 10 second release handy to avoid camera shake which many digicams have. Way back I picked up an idea from Jay of the Nikon5000 egroup when he used the accesoory/hot shoe to carry a bracket holding a regular 'film' type release which in turn pressed down on the trigger button. I made one for my 5700 using a damaged cable I had [no camera thread on end], which accounts for the rather 'heavy' construction of my version.
  4. Thanks WT and JC.
    JC, your remote release looks exciting, from where one can get this one and what is the cost?
    This dpreview site tells me that these two cameras do NOT have the remote relase.
  5. Narendra, check the table again, the G6 does have remote control, says "Infrared Included" I use it all the time. Tom
  6. You have to make it yourself or else get a handy man to make it for you. If the camera does not have an accessory shoe but has a tripod thread in the base of the camera that is an alternative way of mounting such a release. It is up to the ingenuity of the owner.
  7. I made a bracket for a cable release out of an aluminum ruler I found at an office supply store. I drilled a small hole in one end I tapped with a #6-32 tap. I carefully bent the ruler to go around my camera and then drilled a 1/4" hole to match the placement of the tripod mounting hole. The ruler turned out to be too flimsy in actual use as it was only about 1/16" thick. A 1/8" thick strap would work better. I found it necessary to add some kind of positioning lug to prevent the camera from turning out of alignment during use. The end of the cable release has to hit very close to the center of the shutter button on my camera to push it in properly.
  8. Albert .. nice to hear of somebody doing a mod like that .. congrats :)
  9. Thanks all for the help!
    Ok, I've got this (G9) camera but I'm out of home for sometime. Please tell me what all accessories are required to make this trigger. Please pardon my ignorance and do let me know all the details. Since currently I'm in US, I might as well grab everything before heading home.

  10. Make a remote with an old 35mm cable release, some plumbers' epoxy (putty type) and a child's silicone rubber bracelet. FIRST cover the shutter of the G9 with cellophane wrap. Carefully position the plunger of the cable release over the shutter, quickly mold the epoxy leaving a flange area to the right and attach with the rubber bracelet around the right side (grip) of the camera. It will harden soon; ease it off the camera, remove the cellophane, sand and paint matt black. To use, attach the cable release over the shutter button with the bracelet. Important: leave room for the power button, mode dial and zoom ring (you can sand the putty with a rotary tool), and be careful not to get any putty on the camera. Liberal use of cellophane is advised. If it doesn't work the first time, crack or chip off the putty and start over. First did this with my Sony DSC-V3 (too cheap to by a $50 Remote Commander), and now with my G9.
  11. Thanks a ton Ashwin. Could you also post a picture of your complete setup please?

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