Compact camera with high iso?

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  1. This might be a ridiculous question but does anyone know if there exists a camera not unlike the olympus trip 35 perhaps (automatic point and shoot with no batteries preferably) but that has a higher iso range, ie. above 400 to 1600 even.
  2. Canonet G-III Q17, Minolta Himatic 9 and Yashica GSN all have max of ASA 800.
    Olympus RC has a max of ASA 1000.
    I have the Trip and the RC and both are decent.
    The above are just a tad more than point and shoots, but they are small rangefinders.
    I'm sure there are other options ... dig into the internet for info on some Olympus Stylus models, newer and readily procurable.
    Jim M
  3. You may try this one.
  4. I've got a Canon IXUS digital 960 with an iso range up to 3200. All the photos on my site are taken with that camera, and the results are ... well, you can see for your self :) Check out the folder "High ISO shots".
    Don't know if this was at any help.
  5. Olympus XA and 35 ECR have an ISO range up to 800,
    and both are really compact rangefinders noticeably smaller than Trip 35.
    They won't work without batteries, though.

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