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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by john_shriver, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. The site does not work on my iPhone. The menu won't open up so I can't do anything except on my laptop.
  2. Yes.

    But where did that picture of me come from??? Damn... I'm hot!!!!!

    (I suspect "the system" gave me someone else's gallery image."
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  3. An un wanted and unnecessary change without warning. Takes too much time and effort to find what I want. I will be gone for a while until this is fixed
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  4. Wow, how much are these new guys paying the "500PX" webmaster for this new website?
    Glenn seems to think that we're too dumb to figure out their wondwerful new creation:
    "Most if not all of the features you seek are here - I grant you this is not the old - things are not where they once were, but if you give it a little time you might find that you will get used to it" Glenn Palm "Admin"
    Well Glenn, where are the "Wedding Photographer" & "Camera Repair" etc. reviews?
    Is this site no longer interested in what the community has to say In Lieu Of staff written reviews?
    Does this new "500PX" style reveal that your staff isn't interested in the folks who seek equipment technical questions being asked & answered?
    This site should re-populate member recommendations & reviews into the "Site & Community HELP" portion of the "Community" drop-down tab.
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  5. SCL


    Initially I was disappointed as I always started with the old unified view. After discovering the "New Posts" area, it moved me into the positive viewpoint, although I'm still trying to learn how the other functions work.

  6. Yes, please restore our real names!
  7. A real pain in the "No Words" section, for example, where we used to be able to quickly scroll through photo postings. NOW we have to click on a little thumbnail, each one, one at a time. What an annoyance and a waste of time with this additional effort that has now been imposed upon us. Or . . . . was I merely spoiled before? I just never did like inefficiency. :-(
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  8. yes, thanks
  9. Keith - are you seeing just thumbnails when you're looking at No Words while logged in as a member? Or is it just when you're viewing the forum while not logged in?
  10. John_Shriver "I miss the Unified view of forums" Nailed it. That is what made PN my first choice of photo web sites on the internet.

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