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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by timzeipekis, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. I noticed that two of my recent pics had comments from people who became members the same day they commented. I'm assuming they saw my pic somewhere else (pinterest, etc) and it led them back to where they registered to comment. Am I assuming correctly? and if so, is there any way I can track who's sharing my photo elsewhere? I'm not upset about it, it would just be nice to thank the person who thought enough of your photo to share it.
  2. Short answer, not really.
    Longer answer, you could search pinterest for your name or for etc. But that would really help you with anywhere else that they may have run across it (google images etc).
  3. yeah, I figured that would be the case, just thought i'd try asking. Thanks for replying so quickly.
  4. Tim, I had the same thing happen...and I notice at least one of those new members is the same one who has commented on one of your images. I have had two such folks make comments on my images (very, very short comments) and they both became members on the same day (today) and they have both made well over 100 comments on today. I don't really mind either, but I do find it kind of curious. Maybe they were just super enthusiastic about what they found on this site? I was going to return the favor but they have yet to post anything in their folders.
  5. I have a Pinterest account. I just searched both of your names and didn't find anything but did find one of my photos, lol.

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