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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by micra-chameleon, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. All comments welcome, please take a look!
    I have been working and tweaking this site for a while and think its nearly here! I need to work on the labels so any info on the names of flowers would be much appreciated!
    Thanks for looking
  2. Hi Mike,

    I like the preview of the next or previous image while flipping through the gallery -- hovering over the forward or backward area gives a preview of the coming image, which can really help drive someone to flip further and further and further.

    Two things that I spotted are labels or alt text or captions or something, and the series order of photos. I looked at your black-and-white gallery, and it felt a bit jarring to go from an old church to an antique car to an old church to a cove to a church to a wrecked boat. Maybe a bit more of "like with like" other than just black and white? Sort them by topic (abbeys, churches, landscape, cars, etc), perhaps?

    But for me, the biggest thing is to identify places, people, things, either by specifying alt text or by adding captions.

    Good luck!

    (edited to restore paragraph breaks... I forgot how this site works!)
  3. Nice pictures, but the purpose for this site is missing. If I was too Google this site how would I ever find it ?
  4. Hi Mike,
    Nice site -- made me miss Cornwall! What web design software did you use?
  5. What is your target audience? I like the photos but if you are planning on getting photography work you need to add a message on the front page. I just redesigned my website and I offer Corporate Convention Photography and my last website had very little wording and it did not rank well in the searches.
    New SEO requires keywords in your front page and other pages so the robots that crawl you site can see the content and also any photos you have need captions and alt text so they can see what the photo is which can help your ranking. Here is a start to see how your site fairs, it free and I don't have anything to do with it. I just use it myself.
    My site is
    I am still tweaking it but any comments are welcomed.

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