Comment on this workshop?

Discussion in 'Education' started by gary_anthes, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Any thoughts on this workshop or its leader?
  2. Clicking on this link brought up malware warning on my system - beware.
  3. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    Sounds like a problem with John's system. The site is fine.
  4. Doubtful. More likely it was corrected.
  5. The link is to the Aperture web site, which has never had a security problem that I know of. But if you don't want to go there, I will just say the workshop in question is at Aperture in New York and is a two-day workshop on self-publishing of photo books by Bruno Ceschel of the company Self-Publish and be Happy.
  6. even i'm getting the same alert!

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