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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by G-P, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. I've actually grown to like having to sign out and sign in myself when I leave and return to this site because when I leave the page open without signing out I get alerts popping up from threads I've participated in (which I like), I just don't like having activity going on with my browser so I sign out. I have enough trouble with speed issues with my digital imaging editors.

    Also it gives more accurate member visit counts.
  2. "I couldn't figure out how I was connected to some of the entries."

    I was wondering the same thing. Just now upon arrival I was subjected to a long string of photos which someone I do not know and have never interacted with had chosen to "admire". The fact that I did not find even one of these images admirable adds to the annoyance.
  3. I got the same page but noticed the top three buttons where one was automatically selected as the main site wide activity "Complete Network" (what you and I are seeing) compared to the buttons "My Network" and "Show Only My Stuff". Those last two can't be selected. I get a constant spinning wheel after clicking on them.
  4. About nude women. I see the nude photos on my timeline as well. No matter what setting I choose (nudes off or on), they don't go away. And, here is the ironical part. If I click on one of the nudes, a new page opens saying 'its a NSFW photo, blah blah', and hides the actual photo (again irrespective of the setting). While I pass on most of the nudes on PN, today I actually wanted to see one of the nudes taken by Svetlana Koryova that appeared on my timeline, but the damm thing won't let me open her image.

    In hindsite, I can't stop thinking what this is doing to all the people who increase the view counts of the nude photos on this site. They must be going crazy!!
  5. Tim, I also noticed those buttons and like yourself soon determined that they serve no useful purpose.
  6. Unfortunately they didn't include a button for opting out. It's the only one I would use, but then, it has to work.
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  7. G-P

    G-P Moderator Staff Member

    filter applied - default is "hide"
  8. Glenn,
    I saw the new additions for the first time as I singed in this afternoon. Thank you for hearing the complaints and addressing them. It's a serious step in the right direction. I'm hoping that the new buttons will work as designed. I have asked before, but I'll ask again, will this "Timeline" page be the default opening page when we sign in?

    Glenn, I hate to say, but the nude doesn't stay off, and "off" wasn't the default setting. I've reset it 3 times, logged in and out, reset, gone to a forum, reset. Good news is that the "show only my stuff" seems to be the default and does hold for me. This is a new computer so I'm not dealing with the difficulties of the prior machine.

    Will some other folks please try this out and give Glenn some feed back?
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  9. I just posted this on the other thread, too. My experience with the modified timeline is the same as Laura's--the buttons don't stick, and the default wasn't "hide." In addition, the "my content" option shows (absolutely) everything, while the other option--which should be everything--shows just the activities of people I've interacted with. (Safari 11.0)
  10. I have the same result as Leslie and Laura. The default is "shown" and changing that to "Hidden" has no effect with the option immediately reverting back to shown. I would love to be able to open up PN and be at my own page rather than having to go to my page from a page which I have no interest in viewing. Will this become an option ?
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  11. I'd like to amend my comment above to say that the "my content", which appears to be the default, shows the whole community. That is in line with Leslie. I don't understand the necessity of the page, or why this has to be the default page and why we can't have a choice in this matter. I appreciate the progress, but we need to address why this seems to be the default opening page and why we can't have an option.
  12. Glen,,,Some members might like this Timeline thing,but I find little use for it and would also like to have the option of choosing my opening page;if it has to be this way,then the options should be functionnal.While here,one feature I find weird with this new function is that when an image has attracted a like/admire,the ID of author disappears and one has to scroll down until the image pops up again in the timeline it was posted;of course if you limit the feature to your content,then it will not come up if the poster is not in your circle of favorites.
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  13. And, to add insult to injury, there is SPAM coming into the No Words forum fast and furiously. :(
  14. Since this covers the same issue as the post I started, I just want to add here that I don't necessarily want to block all nudes and then have to change the setting constantly to see them and then block them. I just want to choose when they show up on my screen rather than having them show up upon logging in. For instance, if I have it set to unblock nudes so I can look at them in the galleries, I do not want to have to block them again before navigating away from the site in order to not have them show up as soon as I log in next time.
    And having to re-log in every few days is still ludicrous.
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  15. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    For the most part, I have to log in every 24 hours. Today was an exception - I'm on hour 27 hours and counting. Any second, I'm expecting the pages to start rapidly reloading over and over. That's my cue to relog in. Fingers crossed.
  16. Bethe,
    Your post reinforces the importance of having a choice of which page we open up to, or don't open up to the timeline page. Since my question about this hasn't been answered after asking multiple times I take it that this is the new default opening page. Maybe that will change, maybe it won't. We all have our preferences in the matter of staying logged in, but it seems that it shouldn't have bearing on nude blocks. I have yet to see the nude block button remain on. Since I have the community timeline page set to my own stuff (redundant as there is a page for that alone) I don't see nudes, or anyone else's images, in my portfolio upon signing in.
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  17. G-P

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    We are adding the option of allowing users to choose the page they see once they log in - we are reverting back to Your Portfolio as a default until this option is available.
  18. Glenn,
    Thank you for the up-date. I think a lot of folks will appreciate having this option. I know I will.
  19. Glenn, is there a change being considered to the system on mobile devices whereby we have to log in once a day (as opposed to laptops, where we have to log in frequently, but more like once a week or every two weeks)? That will alleviate concerns about what page a login takes us to. We use to stay logged in until we decided to log out. That was a better system from a user standpoint.

    Also, have you looked into the possibility of a CAPTCHA system for new users to prevent the spam continuing to invade the site (though it does seem to be lessening at times and is, incredibly, cleaned up extremely quickly by moderators, as the crowd cheers them on)?
  20. I agree that before worrying about new features it would be nice to fix the current operation. As Vincent mentioned, it would be WONDERFUL to not get automatically logged out every ~24 hours and have the forum go into rapid-refresh mode when it happens(with the only solution being to completely close the website and log back in).
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