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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by G-P, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. G-P

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  2. I like it. The button "only my content" didn't work but I guess it's work in progress.
  3. G-P

    G-P Moderator Staff Member

    yes - it is just a mock up not functional yet - but was shared to give you an idea as to what is coming.
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  4. Will we be autodirected to our timeline when we log in, or will we need to navigate to it?
  5. G-P

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    set as default when you log in is certainly a possibility. we could also allow users to set their own default login page for those that dont' want that.
  6. PapaTango

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    This is good as long as there is a modal to be able to set as personal default view or not. Me, pretty tired of ending up at the Library all the time when logging in. Much more informative--just as long as these pictures and notices do not become mine... :rolleyes:

    BTW, glad to see things moving along here and there! Are all of you on the admin/dev side taking some sort of new medication? :p
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  7. G-P

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    Vitamin L - makes all things well.
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  8. Glenn, if the timeline will enable me to view critiques of other photographers' work, I'm all for it. (Currently, in the interest of keeping my homepage simple, I didn't opt for automatic notifications.)
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  9. Glenn:

    I don't get it, what is Timeline suppose to provide that is not already being shown in Trending? I'm interested in what other photographers find appealing but I don't necessarily care to have it pointed out by listing every new like, comment, etc. generated by someone each time they sit down at their computer. It's a frivolous and overly complex function that, as Michael noted, could have been better utilized by a long overdue reprogramming of the Critique Forum.

    I know you think I'm a negative and somewhat belligerent poster here, but I really did examine Timeline and tried to find a useful function there, but it's empty. Revamping the Critique Forum would've taken a fraction of the time spent creating this fluff.

    We're still waiting......

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  10. Doesn't do anything for me and I hope it does not pop up as default when I open PN.
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  11. Each time I log in I get the timeline page defaulting to "complete network" with someone else's photos (naked women, women with's not what I'm here for....and I have nudes blocked, but it doesn't seem to apply to rear nudity). "Show only my stuff" doesn't get me anywhere, as mentioned above. Can we have a default page in our portfolios that we choose to open upon logging in.......please. Or, can we have a default page of our choosing anywhere on the site?
  12. Laura, I believe there's an option you can choose for nude women with a glass of wine and high heels, gunless! :(
  13. How about a setting for naked men with chainsaws, cameras with big glass (around the neck, of course), and greenery in a zigzag? :p
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  14. G-P

    G-P Moderator Staff Member

    if your account preferences have nudes blocked, they will be blocked. Also - modal will be added so if you click on a photo within the timeline you can easily navigate back to your timeline. "Complete network" is a stream of all activity - "my network" is only those you have followed.
  15. Glenn, as Laura said, she has nudes blocked and still sees these photos.
  16. What I'd really like to see is an option to have the screen of MY choice open when I sign in. Right now, mock up or not, the new timeline feature opens when I sign in and I can't change it.

    From what I've seen over the years at pnet is that the nude block only blocks front shots, not rear. I've ignored them all along, and I've never said a word, but I won't ignore it in my own portfolio.

    Back on track......Glen, will we have an option to choose the page that we see when we sign in? Is the timeline mock-up only temporary as the default page upon signing in?
  17. I don't like it. I was happier with the page I had before this nonsense arrived. If I want to search PN for trite photos, I can choose to do so on my own, please do not decide for me what I want to view.

    Also I have to mention that on a site where basic functionality like being able to see all of the folders in my portfolio or being able to upload an image to a forum without erroneous error messages still has not been addressed more than six months after launch, your priorities are seriously askew if more pointless bells and whistles are the sort of things you have your team of crack programers working on.
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  18. YES! Please do provide a feature that allows us to set our own default page after sign in.
  19. When I log onto PN it opens to Timeline but it's blank. It showed pictures in the past though it didn't seem to make much sense as I couldn't figure out how I was connected to some of the entries.
  20. surely the page that loads after signing in only becomes an issue if we have to keep signing in. to me the real issue here is making everyone sign in every 2-3 days.

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