Comet Pan-STARRS

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  1. K-5 & A*300/4
    Anyone else catch it? I was impressed! Now I'm getting more excited for ISON in the fall.
  2. Very nice! Was this roughly straight out of camera or is this a composite?
  3. Thanks!
    Not a composite. 1.6s f/4, ISO 800
    The earthshine on the dark part of the moon was just good luck!
  4. Clouds, clouds, and clouds here.
    Maybe tomorrow?
    That's a very nice photo, Matt!
  5. I had the same issues as Rob clouds. Nice capture Matt
  6. Thanks for the comments! I thought I was going to get shut out by clouds too and almost didn't go out. But I saw they were thinning as they often do after sunset and thought I might as well give it a shot. Glad I did!

    Here's one more with a little more foreground.
  7. Lovely, Matt! Bravo to the shots. Around what time you took the picture? Is Pan-Starrs the name of the comet?
  8. Yes, Comet Pan-STARRS is it's name.
  9. Thanks Hin! It was a little after 8pm here (although EXIF says 7 - I haven't changed it for DST)
  10. Awesome!!!!!!!!! :)
  11. Very nice, Matt. Still cloudy out west!
  12. Matt, really awesome!
  13. I really appreciate the comments! That first photo sure is getting a lot of his on Flickr!
    I tried again last night at a different location but clouds near the horizon thwarted my efforts. I still had fun hanging out and shooting with my son so that was nice.
  14. very well done Matt.
  15. stemked

    stemked Moderator

    Wow Matt. I love the image. Everything works in the image; looks unearthy. Pity we've had clouds each night.
  16. Excellent photograph. Well done.
  17. Great capture Matt.

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