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Discussion in 'Portraits and Fashion' started by mumtazguran, May 4, 2005.

  1. is it an error in photographic composition to use rgb(red-green-
    blue) colours in black and white photographs.Pls look my sample
  2. It is not an error, it is a cliche.
  3. What Emre is trying to say is that including one small bit of intense color in a monochrome image is a trick to capture the viewers attention. It can be very effective, especially in commercial work (eg, advertising), but it can also be overdone.
  4. I agree with Emre. I think the image stands on its own merits without the splash of color. It's a really, really nice shot. For me the color ruins it - changes the mood I get from it completely. As a b&w shot, it's the best photo I've seen today.
  5. I do belive that one uses color in B&W you have to think carefully that the viewer will "only" see the colored object. Therefore it has to be something extra.

    For example in the movie 'Schindler's list' there is a young girl that is colored in light-red.

    I think that it was a success in two ways by doing so
    1. They did not use a bright color and the color is faded (or what the word is).
    2. When the girl appears again, we recognize her.

    / Marcus
  6. I agree with you Marcus but I also agree that the technique has gotten old and many that use it often do so in order to save a rather poor image.
  7. Personally I'm a big fan of this sort of photography. It is a style in its own right, as is sepia toning or macro photography, and probably shouldn't be described as 'overused' or 'used to improve a bad photo'. Like Louie says, it can be effective and as Colm pointed out, yes it can change the mood of an image. Which may very well be the photographer's intent. A bit like composition, including or omitting a certain object/person in a photograph is what 'makes' the photo. In other words, it's how the photographer wants to portray an image. I think it works very well in your image, Mumtaz, as it is a neat contrast between the dirty fingernails and the nail polish, which is seen as something of beauty. A bit like a smooth subject against a rough textured background, only in a 'colour' sense. Hope that's something to think about.

    :) Sandra
  8. I think it is hard to avoid any form of cliche these days, but such is the
    challenge we all face!! nevertheless, if we capture a cliched image make sure
    it is a good example of one. Mumtaz, in this case it doesn't do it for me, it
    would be just fine as b/w, and then you would just focus on those eyes....

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