Colour negative contact sheets

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  1. Is there any way of finding out the correct exposure time for doing contact sheets with colour negatives. I understand how B&W are done be finding the max black exposure from a clear peice of film. Is it a similar test for colour neg film?
  2. [Is there a way of finding out the correct exposure time for doing contact sheets with color negaties?]
    No more so than for making prints from color negatives. It's the same process. Start with test strips.
    1: Establish an exposure time that gives you good density across the contact sheet. Take note of any differences in density between emulsion info and frame numbers along the sprockets with the image area. When over exposing film (exposing at lower than "Box speed,") for example, the emulsion data will be rendered darker on the contact print while the image is rendered correctly.
    2: After you have established a base line exposure for good density, correct for color. Note, when running a batch of conact sheets from different films, Kodak Portra 160 and Fuji Pro 160, for example, you will see such a difference in filtration that you may think you are doing something wrong. Don't worry, this is normal. I find it's very helpful to write the info on the back of the contact sheets with a Sharpy.
    As with any process, the more you do, the easier it will become.
    As for "Finding max black exposure from a clear piece of film," I've never concerened myself with the unexposed film. Just the image area please!!

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